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Carolina Hurricanes Logo

Carolina Hurricanes logo
Carolina Hurricanes logo PNG

The early 1970s is the most memorable era in the sport’s history of Boston. It was the time of the big hockey boom. In 1969-70 and 1971-72 seasons, the Boston Bruins captured their fourth and fifth Stanley Cup. Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito were the idols of the city. There wasn’t room to swing a cat in the Boston Garden, which hosted home games for the Boston Celtics of the NBA and the Boston Bruins of the NHL. In 1972 the World Hockey Association decided to start a new franchise named New England Whalers. They said, let the Boston Bruins by the kings of Boston, we would be the kings of the entire New England. The team joined the NHL just before the 1979-80 season. Under pressure from the NHL, the present Hurricanes club was compelled to rename the team the Hartford Whalers, exploiting this name during 18 seasons.

In 1994, the owner of the software company Peter Karmanos purchased the club. Despite the previous assurances that the Whalers would remain in Connecticut, in 1997, the team moved to North Carolina. This move was caused by Karmanos’s inability to make a deal the Governor of Connecticut about constructing a new arena and selling a proper amount of tickets for the matches. In a relatively short time after arrival to Raleigh, North Carolina, the team changed its name for the Carolina Hurricanes. By that time, a great new arena for the basketball team of North Carolina University had been built.

Carolina Hurricanes emblem

It is a rather interesting fact that the new owner did not announce any name-the-team contest, as many of his colleagues did. Karmanos himself thought of and decided upon the new name, explaining that North Carolina is certainly no stranger to hurricanes. Therefore, the given name would be perfect for the club. Meanwhile, due to a large number of pig farms in the state, he also considered the Carolina Ice Hogs name. So, the current Hurricanes could be called Ice Pigs. However, the allusion to pigs can be noticed in Stormy the Ice Hog, the mascot of the Carolina Hurricanes.

Carolina Hurricanes symbol

Besides, Karmanos decided upon red, black, white, and silver colors of jersey and controversial logo. It was a red and black circle resembling a hurricane. In the naval signal alphabet, the flag warning of a hurricane is red and black. This flag is depicted on the alternate logo of the team, along with a triangle.

By the way, not everyone appreciated Karmanos’ ideas. Shortly before the arrival of the hockey team in North Carolina, there was a hurricane of great destructive power, and the local community thought his humor was not appropriate. However, it was quickly forgotten, and now Hurricanes fans drive their trucks with hurricane flags screwed to the body.

Meaning and History

Carolina Hurricanes Logo History
Carolina Hurricanes Logo Evolution

The Carolina Hurricanes were established in 1973. During its history, the club has changed five logos. The first Carolina Hurricanes logo was created in 1973 when it was still called the New England Whalers. In 2000 the Carolina Hurricanes emblem was changed for the last time. The last basic color scheme was black and red.

1973 – 1979

New England Whalers Logo 1973-1979

In 1973 the hockey team still called the New England Whalers was based in Boston. Its logo was completely different from the next ones. It was a white circle framed in green, containing the semicircular New England Whalers inscription written in black. Inside this circle, there was a smaller green circle with a white letter “W,” the initial letter of the word “Whalers,” in the middle. This circle was “pierced” by a black harpoon, a long spear-like instrument used its whaling.

1980 – 1992

Hartford Whalers Logo 1980-1992

In the next 12 years, the team spent under another name and a completely different logo. It combined a green “W” with a blue whale’s tail to create the letter “H” in the white space in the center of the logo between the two shapes. The “W” stands for Whalers, and the “H” stands for Hartford.

1993 – 1997

Hartford Whalers Logo 1993-1997

The third Carolina Hurricanes emblem slightly differed from the previous one. However, it was altered a bit. A white outline was added to the whale’s tail and the letter “W” to make them more volumetric. The white space was replaced with gray, thus making a thick outline for the entire logo.

1998 – 1999

Carolina Hurricanes Logo 1998-1999

In 1998, the team moved to North Carolina, sitting directly in the path of many hurricanes. So it was decided to change the basic logo colors. Now they were black and red. The logo is a schematic image of the so-called eye of the hurricane, i.e., it is very central. It was a red and black circle resembling a hurricane and a puck at the same time. The entire logo was circled with a thin silver line.

2000 – present

Carolina Hurricanes Logo 2000-Present

The latest changes to the Caroline Hurricanes logo were made 19 years ago. These minor alterations included a shade of red darkened from the previous version, improved graphics, and sharpness. As for the rest, the Eye of the Hurricane remained the same.