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Clients’ property is behind secure locks, the Chamberlain logo guarantees. The emblem focuses on several levels of protection. The signs read the balance and precision that distinguishes the garage door elements.

Chamberlain: Brand overview

Oak Brook, Illinois, U.S.
Chamberlain is an international brand manufacturer of garage doors and devices for control; they started its activity in 1954. They were currently owned by the parent company Chamberlain Group, one of the largest garage doors field.

Meaning and History

Chamberlain Logo History

The company’s emblem emphasizes the strength of the products and their direction to the male audience. Character traits that are prone to men are constancy, accuracy, reliability. The history of the logo conveys these motifs – after all, it has not changed for more than 65 years. During this time, several generations of people users of the company managed to see it; it became a part of their lives.

The year 2020 has affected the activities of many organizations around the world. Chamberlain employees also decided to update the company’s symbol, making it more modern. Did they succeed? Well, let’s figure it out.

1954 – 2020

Chamberlain Logo 1954

The first version of the logo stayed for over six decades, decorating various signs and marketing products of the manufacturer. During this time, many events took place in the world, but the identity did not change, as if emphasizing the company’s persistence.

The font is designed in italic style contains a small graphic element under the first letter “A” (yellow triangle). Separately, it should be noted that the first letter “A” differs from the second one in that it does not contain a horizontal line that imitates the graphic element under it. Some associate the yellow color of the triangle with a feeling of happiness and comfort – well, it’s hard to disagree with them. The company gives these emotions to its customers, never ceasing to please them with high-quality, reliable, durable products.

The logo is made in blue, the letters themselves are distinguishable, the bold and italic styles are perfectly combined. The main idea is to convey the brand’s professionalism its reputation in the world. This is not just a company logo but a reflection of the efforts, the soul that the organization’s employees have invested in its activities, and the qualities that she possesses.

2020 – today

Chamberlain Logo

In 2020, the company rebranded the logo to display the modern activities of the enterprise in the identity as detailed as possible. Here it is important to note the innovative direction of Chamberlain, which keeps up with the times. Most Chamberlain garage doors can be opened and closed using a smartphone. “myQ” technology has been incorporated into garage door openers and lighting. With it, you can control the garage doors via Wi-Fi.

A year earlier, at CES 2019, Chamberlain Group announced its partnership with Amazon. The main goal is to use the “myQ” product to organize fast delivery of products by couriers when they can safely leave it in the customer’s garage.

The current Chamberlain logo successfully captures the contemporary motif. The “robotic” text style is combined with a light blue color scheme than before. The distance between the letters is almost the same – mathematical precision, as in the manufacture of garage doors, where there is no room for error. The garage theme is perfectly conveyed in the writing of the letter “E,” made in the form of three dashes, symbolizing the garage door.

Font and Colors

Chamberlain Emblem

Both logos perfectly combine unobtrusive, pleasing to the eye, blue gamut; ease of writing; the transfer of those qualities with which the brand’s activity is connected – reliability, strength, constancy. In both versions of the logo, there is an element of the product theme (three dashes instead of the letter “E” symbolize the garage door; the letter “A” with a yellow triangle under it, symbolizes the comfort that customers receive from using the company’s products).

Chamberlain Symbol

Chamberlain color codes

Dark Midnight BlueHex color:#003478
RGB:0 52 120
CMYK:100 57 0 53
Pantone:PMS 288 C