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The Chambord logo of a French liqueur indicates its excellent quality. Violet color has long been considered a symbol of royal power, and in combination with the image of the crown, it emphasizes the special status of an alcoholic drink. In addition, a rich purple hue hints at the presence of blackberries in the liquor composition.

Chambord: Brand overview

Founder:Brown Forman
Chambord is a French company specializing in liquor production with a strength of 16.5%. The basis of production is recipes from the Loire Valley in France at the end of the 17th century. The company was established in 1982 and is now considered one of the most sought after in the country and abroad. The Brown-Foreman Corporation acquired the rights to Chambord in 2006. The main ingredient of the liqueur is fresh blackberries and raspberries. In turn, aged French cognac is used for the infusion.

Meaning and History

Chambord Symbol

During the brand’s existence, only one version of the logo was presented to the target audience. As a result, the visual recognition of Chambord is at a high level. It should be noted that against the background of other elements, the bottle’s design stands out, buying which you can feel the atmosphere of France at the end of the 17th century.

The logo, in turn, stands out with incredible charm and confidence. It looks royal and reflects the presence of berries in the composition of the liquor. Visually, the Chambord emblem is similar to a seal. In its central part, there is a crown, which directly indicates that Chambord has a connection with the royal family. This is a direct reference to the fact that one of the most famous kings of France, namely Louis XIV, visited the castle of Chateau Chambord; he was presented with raspberry liqueur as a gift. This event took place as early as the 17th century, several centuries before the commercial production of an alcoholic beverage.

What is Chambord?

It is a liquor with more than 300 years of history. The company, which appeared in 1982, annually produces several million bottles of liquor, which is in demand far beyond the borders of France.

The crown itself was inside a round frame with three contours. One of them shared the emblem and several verbal inscriptions. “Black Raspberry Liqueur” was written at the top in a gold gradient, and “Royale De France” at the bottom. At both ends of the inscriptions, they were separated by round dots. It was based on a classic sans-serif typeface. All letters were capitalized, which once again emphasized the strength and confidence of the logo. Moreover, the color palette is a direct reference to the royal theme.

The company’s name “Chambord” is located directly below the emblem. This is a graceful and modern serif typeface with a unique writing style for each character. The presence of a white outline creates a feeling of three-dimensionality in the image, and merging with a purple background looks quite confident. If we return to the letters, we can pay attention to the spelling “O,” which, thanks to additional bends in the inner part, creates the feeling of a fire flame. All corners in the letters have oblong lines, which fascinates potential liquor buyers.

Font and Colors

Chambord Emblem

The classic font on the emblem of the Chambord logo is replaced by a wonderful and mysterious one in the brand name. They contrast, making the liquor bottle even more interesting and attractive to the buyer.

The logo was based on a purple and gold color palette. These colors are directly related to royalty and contrast interestingly with each other. Especially the golden gradient on the inscriptions in the emblem looks spectacular. It shows the strength of Chateau Chambord, its rich history, and great prospects for further development.

Chambord color codes

ByzantiumHex color:#640052
RGB:100 0 82
CMYK:0 100 18 61
Pantone:PMS 242 C
LionHex color:#d3c791
RGB:211 199 145
CMYK:0 6 31 17
Pantone:PMS 615 C
BrassHex color:#aa9b59
RGB:170 155 89
CMYK:0 9 48 33
Pantone:PMS 5835 C