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The Champagne Taittinger logo conveys the value of the wine house as one of the oldest producers of alcoholic beverages. In the emblem elements, respect is shown to the noble family in the castle in which the cellars of the company are located.

Champagne Taittinger: Brand overview

Founder:Taittinger Compagnie Commerciale Et Viticole Champenoise
Reims, France
Champagne Taittinger is a private elite brand of Champagne wines owned by the Taittinger family house (Taittinger Compagnie Commerciale Et Viticole Champenoise). Since 2017, the company has been run by Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger and his two children. Vitaly’s daughter is responsible for the brand’s style and design. Son Colvis is in charge of exports and international sales. The assortment includes more than ten varieties of wine, among them: Brut Reserve, Nocturne Rose, Les Folies de la Marquetterie. The house owns almost 300 hectares of vineyards, and about 13 million bottles are stored in their warehouses. 68% of production is exported.

Meaning and History

Champagne Taittinger Symbol

The deep roots of champagnes are associated with the house of Forest-Fourneaux. This enterprise for the sale of wines from Champagne appeared in 1734. The house purchased products from the Benedictine monks and exported them. From the beginning of the twentieth century, Fourneaux occupied the premises in Reims, in which Thibaut the fourth count of Champagne had previously lived. According to legend, he is the man who brought Chardonnay grapes (the main variety of Taittinger wines) to France. In 1932, the Frenchman Pierre Taittinger bought a castle with vineyards from Fourno, and in 1934, together with his brother-in-law, the entire Forest-Fourneaux house (Forest-Fourneau). He, a politician and deputy, devoted his life to winemaking and developed the style of the new brand of wines.

The formation development of strategy, design, logo selection took place gradually. All the descendants of Pierre played their part in the promotion. The champagne house changed its name thanks to Pierre’s son Francois in 1945. The heir decided that the brand should bear the name of their house – Taittinger. The world fame for the brand came thanks to François’s brother Claude Taittinger, who was looking for and found strategic partners abroad. In 1955, the brand expanded its holdings by purchasing additional vineyards. The volume of production increased, and export began.

The house is very proud of its history, keeping traditions and recipes. This is reflected in the emblem of the brand, which has not changed since its inception and reflects the historical past of the Champagne region. In the late seventies and early eighties, the house hired renowned artists to design the brand (Taittinger Collection series). They tried to convey that Taittinger was “the spirit of France in a bottle.” And the seal of the ancient royals of the region on the logo is also fully consistent with the idea of ​​the brand and reflects this idea.

As a visual sign, an imprint has been used that copies the sigil of Count Thibaut with the image of a knight on horseback equipped as a participant in the Crusades. Count Thibaut (Theobald IV, King of Navarre) went on the sixth crusade like his grandfather in whose castle the house of wines was located. Since that time, the seal of the Counts of Thibault had a corresponding image. Around the knight, the logo says Sigill Theubaldi Comitis Campanie et Brie Palatini – the seal (symbol) of Theobald Count of Champagne and Brie (1201-1253).

The wine house chose the sign as the Taittinger family has been developing their business and taking part in the region’s political life for many years. And over the years, their wine has become, in fact, the hallmark of Champagne. The trading house unites family spirit, experience, focus on the future, responsibility, and strict standards.

The name of the brand is printed on the logo is simple, even strict letters in black. It symbolizes reliability, a solid position, and complements the idea of ​​​​the antiquity of Taittinger products. Beneath the title is a dainty, vintage-inspired Reims signature. This is where Taittinger’s business center has been for many years.

Font and Colors

Champagne Taittinger Emblem

The main colors of the brand are gold, red and black. This elite, classic combination perfectly conveys the spirit of the brand its historical roots. The golden tones on the image are:

  • A tribute to the gold on the Champagne flag.
  • The color of sparkling wines.
  • A sign of the brand’s elite.

Red is the color of grapes, love for the motherland, bloodshed for France by the representatives of the family (Pierre’s son, Michel, died in the war, and Pierre himself was wounded). In addition, red is the sealing wax of the seal.

The font of the main inscription resembles Raavi but with small serifs.

Champagne Taittinger color codes

BronzeHex color:#cc8237
RGB:204 130 55
CMYK:0 36 73 20
Pantone:PMS 7413 C
CarmineHex color:#a5031f
RGB:165 3 31
CMYK:0 98 81 35
Pantone:PMS 186 C
BlackHex color:#010103
RGB:1 1 3
CMYK:67 67 0 99
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C