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Checker Motors Corporation: Brand overview

Checker Motors Corporation, founded in 1921 in Chicago by Morris Markin, was the result of the merger of Commonwealth Motors and Markin Automobile Body and focused on building specialized taxicabs. In 1923, the corporation moved its base to Kalamazoo, Michigan, where its main headquarters and manufacturing facility were located.

In the early years, the first Checker model, the Model T, was produced. It was a modification of the Ford Model T designed specifically for the taxicab industry. Subsequent models, such as the A-Series, appeared in the 1930s and 40s, leading to the famous Checker A2 model in 1956. This model made its way into the American urban landscape with its spacious interior and stability.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Checker continued to be one of the leading taxicab manufacturers in the United States. Its cars were a familiar sight in major cities, symbolizing urban transportation. However, as demand for specialized cabs declined, things began to change, leading to the discontinuation of production of the famous Checker model in 1982.

In an attempt to adapt to the new environment, Checker tried to diversify its portfolio by producing cars such as the Superba sedan. However, these efforts did not help the company avoid decline. After more than eight and a half decades in the automobile manufacturing business, Checker went bankrupt and ceased production in 2009.

The departure of the last Checker cab from the streets of New York City in 1999 marked the end of an era, ending Checker’s extensive legacy as the quintessential American cab brand. The final chapter was written in 2010 when the company’s assets were liquidated, bringing closure to the book on a car company that was once a symbol of American urban mobility.

Meaning and History

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Checker Motors Corporation Logo

The American cab manufacturer created an iconic cab designed for comfortable transportation of passengers and their belongings and popularized the famous “checkers.” This monochrome pattern became widely known around the world, including Checker Motors cabs, as it adorned their logo. The signature arrangement of black squares creating white squares in negative space became an integral part of the cab service: the cars were easily recognized even in a dense stream of cars.

The checkers on these cabs are like a cool, simple tattoo that everyone knows. It’s like the car is dressed in a classic black-and-white outfit that never goes out of style. When you see this pattern, you already know it’s a Checker Motors cab, even if there are tons of other cars whizzing around it. It’s just amazing how a bunch of squares can make a car stand out like this.