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Chery logo rushes to the top. It is a symbol of technological progress and modernity. The emblem conveys the strength, solidity of cars, their streamlined body, and smooth ride, allowing you to glide silently on the roads.

Chery: Brand overview

Founded:8 January 1997
Wuhu, Anhui, China

Chery Automobile Co. Ltd., commonly referred to simply as Chery, is a state-owned automobile enterprise. It appeared in 1997 and currently has several subsidiaries founded both independently and in cooperation with foreign automakers. The company is engaged in the production of SUVs, minivans, commercial and passenger cars. In 2020, she sold half of her shares to the Brazilian group CAOA. Its head office is located in Wuhu City, Anhui Province.

The Chery car plant was created thanks to the efforts of local officials representing the administration. The first car left the assembly line in 1999. It was a prototype called Fengyun, based on the Volkswagen SEAT Toledo chassis. The debut line consisted of 30,000 units of equipment, each of which was sold. After a while (in 2001), the company switched to export car assembly, becoming the largest Chinese supplier of passenger cars abroad. She kept this bar from 2003 to 2011.

Today, in equal shares with Kenon Holdings, the brand owns the Qoros company, which appeared in it in 2007 and produced premium-class cars for developing countries. In 2012, he became a co-owner of Chery Jaguar Land Rover, a subsidiary of Jaguar and Chery. The company also has a research and development center, factories for the assembly of transport equipment, and the manufacture of components.

Its most popular model is the urban QQ series. It is so in demand that it has become an independent trademark. At the same time, Chery has been repeatedly attacked due to possible remarks and violations of the property rights of foreign firms. Some of her samples are directly copied from the design of cars from other manufacturers. Even the brand’s name is criticized, as many see it as a desire to lure customers away from the world-famous Chevrolet since the word “Chery” is very similar to “Chevy.”

Meaning and History

Chery Logo History

Chery’s corporate logo is associated not with the name but with the company’s type of business. It stands for the letter “A,” with which the word “Auto” begins. Therefore, the designers tried to preserve it and beat it as accurately as possible visually. The first version is well traced among the graphic elements, and in the second version, it is hardly recognizable.

What is Chery?

Chery is the trade name for Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. It is one of the largest automotive companies in China. It has been operating since 1997 and produces a wide range of vehicles – from commercial to passenger cars. Its most famous models are Arrizo, Tiggo, and QQ. The brand exports its products to more than 80 countries worldwide.

1997 – 2001

Chery Logo 1997

The logo contains a stylized, bright red letter “A” (referring to the full name Chery Automobile). It consists of two diagonals and a broken oval ring, one end of which forms the central crossbar in the “A.” This symbol can have two meanings:

  • some believe that it symbolizes the company’s innovative spirit and its commitment to developing new technologies;
  • others argue that the ring, divided into two parts, signifies openness and collaboration.

At the bottom is the black word “CHERY,” consisting of capital letters. Its font is roughly similar to Craft Gothic DemiBold by FontSite Inc., but on the logo, the diagonal line of the “R” has a curve.

2001 – 2013

Chery Logo 1997-2013

The volumetric emblem is made in a silver palette so that it resembles as much as possible a metal part integral to the car. This approach added not only individuality to the sign but also dynamics. The logo itself consists of several geometric elements. The first is an oval open at the top center and bottom right. The second character is “V,” depicted upside down. It is claimed to be “A” without a horizontal bar. The top of the letter is cut off. The edge effect is created by coloring one side of the graphite lines in light gray. The word part is done in a modern sans serif typeface. The “C” and “E” have rounded corners, and the “R” has an elongated top half.

2013 – today

Chery Logo 2013-present

The logo was redesigned in 2013, after which it received smooth and flowing lines. The developers have strengthened the effect of three-dimensionality, removed the gaps in the oval, rounded off all the corners, and added a chrome shine to the sign. They changed the letter “R” in the inscription, pushing the leg closer to the vertical strip. In addition, the authors changed the color red to crimson.

Chery: Interesting Facts

Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, has become a notable Chinese car manufacturer, making passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and minivans. It’s one of China’s automotive pioneers, achieving success at home and abroad.

  1. Quick Growth: Starting with China’s government in Anhui Province, Chery quickly joined China’s top ten automakers, thanks to its diverse vehicle range and focus on exports.
  2. Export Milestone: In 2001, Chery was the first Chinese carmaker to export vehicles, setting a precedent for the nation’s automotive industry’s global ambitions.
  3. Export Record: Chery was the first Chinese manufacturer to export over 1 million vehicles, highlighting its significant role in promoting Chinese cars worldwide.
  4. Global Partnerships: Chery has formed joint ventures with international firms like Jaguar Land Rover and Israel Corporation, and it has even created the Qoros brand to boost technology exchange and global presence.
  5. Focus on Innovation: Chery invests heavily in R&D and explores new technologies like electric vehicles and autonomous driving. Its R&D centers are located worldwide and aim to grow in the future.
  6. Recognized Engines: The ACTECO engine series has won international awards, and Chery’s commitment to efficient and reliable engines has contributed to its success.
  7. Worldwide Operations: Chery exports to over 80 countries and operates in regions including South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.
  8. Electric Vehicles: Chery is actively developing electric vehicles and aligning with China’s green energy goals, aiming to lead in the EV market.
  9. Diverse Brands: With subdivisions like Arrizo and Tiggo, Chery targets various consumer preferences and market segments, broadening its market competition.
  10. Cultural Sponsorships: Chery boosts its global brand through cultural and sports sponsorships, including football teams and events, connecting with audiences worldwide.

Chery’s evolution from a local maker to a global automotive player reflects China’s rapid automotive industry growth and its expanding global influence. Through continuous innovation, strategic global partnerships, and quality commitment, Chery is driving toward a prominent future in mobility in China and worldwide.

Font and Colors

Chery Emblem

The typeface used in the logo is reminiscent of the Korataki Regular font provided by Typodermic Fonts Inc. The color scheme is standard: it consists of a combination of several shades of red and gray.

Chery Logo

Chery Symbol

Chery color codes

LustHex color:#e90019
RGB:233 0 25
CMYK:0 100 89 9
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Neon SilverHex color:#c8c8c8
RGB:200 200 200
CMYK:0 0 0 221
Pantone:PMS 420 C
Dark LiverHex color:#4a4644
RGB:74 70 68
CMYK:0 5 8 71
Pantone:PMS Black 7 C
Old BurgundyHex color:#302421
RGB:48 36 33
CMYK:0 25 31 81
Pantone:PMS Black 4 C