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The integrity of service and unity of several directions is what the logo of Cintas shows, as the company offers a variety of products and services. The specificity of its work was the basis of the emblem – strict, business-like, and practical. Wide lines underline reliability, sharp angles mean easy solving of complicated problems, and smooth rounded corners show high service adaptability.

Cintas: Brand overview

Founder:Richard (Doc) Farmer
Ohio, U.S.

Cintas is a large US-based company that provides a wide range of services and a line of specialized products. The direction of work concerns the service sector. The brand offers floor mats, uniforms, toilet and cleaning supplies (including mops and household chemicals), and indoor safety products. Cintas offers fire extinguishers and first aid supplies.

The brand’s corporate identity is based on a discreet and stylish logo. The emblem consists of 2 inscriptions that symbolize the core values. The first designates the company’s name and demonstrates reliability, excellent reputation, and self-confidence. The second inscription completes the general concept. It means readiness for a new working day, reflecting another value – diligence.

Meaning and History

Cintas Logo History

The history of the formation and development of the Cintas brand began during the existence of the Acme Industrial Laundry Company. This small company specializes in services. Employees collected old dirty rags from the factories, washed them, and then sold the clean products back to the factories. Over time, the brand began to develop and gradually became a large corporation in its field.

First, the rags were replaced with towels from shops, and then the company launched its production line. The management received its own office in Ohio. Cintas currently has over $6 billion in revenue. The brand’s visual identity includes a bold and powerful logo that has a catchy design.

What is Cintas?

Cintas is one of the largest multi-disciplinary corporations in the United States. It manufactures quality cleaning products, specialty products (fire extinguishers), and first aid products. Employees also develop courses that include information about rules and safety. Currently, the corporation employs more than 30 thousand employees.

It consists of massive lettering in large letters and an additional phrase that reveals the brand’s aspirations. The color palette of the emblem consists of two contrasting shades that are in balance with each other. The same balance can be traced to the activities of the company. Cintas manufactures products for various purposes and also creates safety courses. Despite such a variety, all products are of high quality.

In 1973, a small business founded by Amelia and Doc Farmer reached a large scale. The leadership at that time belonged to Dick Farmer (grandson of the founder), who, together with partners Nick Curtis and Bob Colhepp, decided to take the company to a new level. This is how Cintas’s first official name appeared and its unique corporate identity. The logo was created based on the updated company name.

The inscription was located in the center of the emblem and demonstrated the strengthening of the status. The company at that time established itself as one of the best manufacturers in the industry, and the creation of a corporate badge only confirmed the sincerity of intentions. The original font was chosen for the design, distinguished by thick straight letters. But, the last two letters were slightly different from the general concept. They are interconnected and have a more ornate form.

This unusual decision demonstrates the flexibility of the brand. The company manufactures products taking into account changes in requirements and conditions of use. This approach allows you to produce high-quality products that can completely eliminate a specific problem. The rest of the letters are made in thick straight lines, which symbolizes rigor and directness. The brand strictly observes the production technology without deviating from the established standards.

The expressive name of the company in a discreet base color is complemented by a phrase that reflects the unspoken motto. Its meaning lies in that Cintas is always ready for the working day. The statement emphasizes the responsible attitude to business and the professionalism of employees. The small size of the letters, in this case, is compensated by bright colors. Neat, straight letters painted in red make an appropriate unobtrusive accent.

Font and Colors

Cintas Symbol

The corporate badge of the corporation is a successful combination of two types of font and contrasting colors. The upper inscription, indicating the company’s name, is made with more massive lines of saturated blue. This shade symbolizes trust, responsibility, and security. These qualities perfectly characterize the brand and its attitude to business.

Cintas is constantly developing, striving to improve products, use the latest technologies and provide customers with a personalized approach. Due to this, the brand has managed to earn an excellent reputation, which many consumers appreciate. In addition to blue, the logo also has red. It is a shade of energy, passion, and progressiveness. It was not chosen by chance since these associations accurately describe the company’s activities.

Employees do not just do routine work but try to do it as well as possible and achieve the best results. The characteristics are complemented by a white background, which symbolizes conscientiousness, openness, and reliability. The inscriptions themselves are made in 2 types of font. The company name used bold letters created with thick lines.

The impressive size and style of execution evoke a feeling of comfort, and the unusual characters at the end of the word emphasize individuality. The letters N, T, A, and S visually merge, making the logo spectacular. The lower inscription was created with smaller word marks. They have a simpler and more concise style, as they are decorated with straight lines without serifs. They favorably emphasize the upper part and carry a special semantic load.

Cintas color codes

Royal BlueHex color:#022169
RGB:2 33 105
CMYK:98 69 0 59
Pantone:PMS 662 C
RedHex color:#c3002f
RGB:195 0 47
CMYK:0 100 76 24
Pantone:PMS 185 C