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Clean & Clear: Brand overview

Founder:Johnson & Johnson
United States
Clean & Clear, a prominent skincare brand, embarked on its journey in 1956 when it was introduced by Johnson & Johnson. Its debut product was the Klear Pak Medicated Pads, an innovative solution for treating acne.

The brand initially focused on developing products, particularly for oily and acne-prone skin. Over the ensuing decades, Clean & Clear broadened its horizons, crafting a comprehensive range of skincare essentials. From cleansers to toners and moisturizers to spot treatments, the brand established itself as a comprehensive solution for skin imperfections.

Entering the 1980s and 1990s, Clean & Clear honed in on a younger audience, mainly targeting teenagers and young adults grappling with the common issue of breakouts. Advertisements from this period reflected this focus, prominently featuring young models flaunting their clear and glowing skin.

A pivotal moment for Clean & Clear came in 1997 when the brand transformed. This modern, youth-oriented revamp unveiled transparent packaging and new product innovations, such as the Advantage acne systems.

As the 21st century unfolded, Clean & Clear continued to evolve, aligning itself with emerging trends and consumer needs. This era introduced new products like scrubs, wipes, and sheet masks. Though the brand remained loyal to its core demographic of teenagers and young adults, it also ventured into general face care with offerings like the Morning Burst line.

In a significant corporate shift, Johnson & Johnson 2022 spun off and combined its consumer health brands, including Clean & Clear, into a new independent entity called Kenvue.

Clean & Clear boasts over 60 skin care products in more than 45 countries worldwide. Its legacy as a leading acne-fighting brand endures, with a special emphasis on catering to the youth market. The success of Clean & Clear can be attributed to its continual innovation, adaptability to market trends, and unwavering commitment to addressing the unique skincare needs of its target audience.

Meaning and History

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What is Clean & Clear?

Clean & Clear, since its introduction in 1956, has established itself as a reliable brand in the skincare industry, providing potent solutions for young adults worldwide. Clean & Clear products are available in 46 countries to address skin concerns. As a distinguished American label known for dermatological products, Clean & Clear persists in delivering time-tested, quality skincare remedies.

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