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Clearasil Logo

Clearasil Logo
Clearasil Logo PNG

Clearasil is a cosmetics brand that produces acne and skincare products. Its founder is Ivan Combe. It has been around since 1950, when Clearasil, a dermatological drug used to combat acne, was invented in the United States. Today it is one of the most famous brands in the world.

Meaning and History

Clearasil Logo History
Evolution of the Clearasil Logo

At all times, the emblem carried the name of the company, which it received from its debut acne treatment. Today, two variants of the logo are known, almost identical repeating each other. The exception is the single details that make each version unique.


Clearasil Logo 1950

The debut emblem is simple lettering with black letters on a white background. The text is executed in a classic grotesque – even, elongated, sans serif. Its only highlight is the depth of perspective on the plane. The word “Clearasil” is written horizontally-diagonally – with the last letters going as if deep into space. To do this, the designers slightly raised the final fragment without changing the height of the symbols.


Clearasil Logo 2000s

The company switched to a logo of a radically different style. Round signs were replaced by strictly geometric ones, with smooth transitions in the corner part. The developers cut off the lower fragment for the letters “a” and removed the upper one for the “r.” They made a dot above the “i” in the form of a miniature rectangle. To the right of the inscription, three multi-colored stripes go around it with a semi-oval. The blue, red, and gray lines are randomly placed, and in some places, they overlap. They have a thickened middle and pointed ends.


Clearasil Logo 2010s

This version contains dark blue rounded letters. Moreover, the designers replaced the rhombus above the “i” with a red dot. They also added a curly brace, which they positioned horizontally, pointing downwards.

2010 – present

Clearasil Logo 2010s-present

In the current version of the logo, the graphic structure has been completely changed. The bottom curly brace, which was added earlier, was corrected by the designers, turning it into a triangular pointer. Moreover, they significantly increased the emblem area and made it the background for the only inscription. Therefore, now the name of the cosmetic brand is on a wide rectangle.

The bottom of the geometric shape is pointed and emphasized by a gray stripe with a slight gradient: darker on the left and lighter on the right. The word “Clearasil” occupies the bottom half of the logo. There is a free blue space at the top. The white letters are in the same style as before. They stand out clearly against a dark background. At “l,” “a,” “i,” “r,” the bottom of the legs is cut off and rounded at a slight angle.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Clearasil Emblem

Brand names have a common element – the name of the company. It is present in all variants. The modern logo features an inverted curly brace that represents a pimple.

Clearasil Symbol

Both versions have different types of typefaces. In the first emblem, it is contoured, with several truncated elements on the letters. The second logo uses a combination of streamlined uppercase and lowercase characters. The basic font type is plain sans serif. The main colors are blue, red, silver.