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The Cleveland Clinic logo is deeply symbolic. It expresses the close connection between the four types of activities the medical institution engages in. It also conveys the pivotal significance of each founder of the organization, which later became one of the best hospitals in the United States.

Cleveland Clinic: Brand overview

Cleveland Clinic is a multi-profile medical institution in Cleveland, Ohio. It is a private, non-profit, academic-oriented structure. That means they conduct patient consultations and treatments, laboratory research, and train staff at all levels (from assistants to doctors). The eponymous foundation manages the medical center and has existed since 1921. It was founded by a group of teachers and former students from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. In recent years, this organization has been recognized as one of the best in the country and confidently holds second place in the ranking of US News & World Report publications.

Meaning and History

Cleveland Clinic Logo History

This medical institution owes its inception to a group of teachers and students from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Its representatives decided to support the private surgical practice led by Frank J. Weed. Initially, it was continued by Frank E. Bunts and George W. Crile, who were his assistants, and William E. Lower, who joined them later. They are considered key figures in the organization’s history and those who stood at its origins. To emphasize this idea, designers made four separate corners in the logo, forming a perfect square together. They have no sharp points, indicating the friendly nature of the institution.

However, the official emblem of the Cleveland Clinic did not appear immediately but many years later – in 1984. It became its first permanent symbol, reflecting the idea and structure. Thus, the four miniature squares represent the four basic directions of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation’s work:

  • The clinic itself
  • Receiving and consulting visitors
  • The hospital
  • Treating patients
  • The laboratory research center for necessary examinations and analyses
  • The educational institutions for training specialists

Hence, the logo has a dual meaning related to the four founders and the four departments.

What is Cleveland Clinic?

Cleveland Clinic is a U.S. medical institution encompassing four specialized directions, including a clinic, hospital, laboratory, and educational centers. It was established in 1921 in Ohio, based on the private surgical practice of Frank J. Weed and his two assistants (Frank E. Bunts and George W. Crile), later joined by William E. Lower. Now, it is managed by the eponymous foundation. In 2018-2019, the organization entered the top 3 best medical centers in the country, ranking second according to US News & World Report.

1984 – today

Cleveland Clinic Logo

The logo is a combination of graphics and text: both the text and symbol are equally represented. The inscription is located on the right side. It is single-line, double, printed, even, and grotesque. The letters are tall, distinguished by smooth edges with optimal rounding and angles. The first glyphs, starting the words, are in uppercase, and the rest are in lowercase. In “i,” instead of a dot, there’s a mini-square of the same width as the main segment of the letter, making it resemble an “l” with a truncated top.

Cleveland Clinic’s personal symbol occupies the left half of the emblem. It includes four small squares that form one large square. The top two are colored blue, and the bottom two are green. Another geometric figure of the same shape is superimposed on it, but it is white, creating the impression that the center is empty. According to the branding guide, it must remain white – any drawings, inscriptions, and colors are prohibited there. All corners of the symbol are soft and smooth.

Font and Colors

Cleveland Clinic Emblem

The name is set in News Gothic Bold font. It is easily readable, smooth, sans-serif, and thus recommended for all textual designations of hospitals and institutions within the Cleveland Clinic structure. The corporate palette includes four basic colors: green, blue, black, and white.

Cleveland Clinic Symbol