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Collistar Logo

Collistar Logo
Collistar Logo PNG

Collistar is an Italian cosmetics brand that started in 1968 and reorganized in 1982 under the leadership of Daniela Sacerdote. Currently, it is part of the Bolton Group BV structure, is engaged in the release of the line of the same name for makeup, face and body care.

Meaning and History

Collistar Symbol

After the restoration of production, a major rebranding took place, which slightly affected the logo design. However, over the long history of the trademark, it has always had only one logo, developed from the name.

The personal badge depicts a stylized letter “C.” It is an outline symbol reminiscent of Packman. Also, there is a rhombus inside. The double line makes the elements stand out clearly. Below is the second part of the logo – the brand name.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Collistar Emblem

The emblem features a miniature serif typeface. For “L” and “T,” they have a wavy shape; for “C” and “S,” they are cut diagonally; for the rest, they have a classic straight line. The letters are narrow, elongated. The space between them is minimal, which makes it seem like they have merged. The main palette of the logo is red. Its background is white.