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The Color Street logo shows bright colors that can decorate clients’ nails. The elements of the emblem are like well-groomed fingers with a neat manicure and perfect coverage. Whether it will be neutral and inconspicuous or bright and saturated is up to the customers to decide.

Color Street: Brand overview

Founder:Fa Park
United States
Color Street is a fashion brand from the USA that presents innovative nail polishes produced using patented technology. It appeared in 1988 at the initiative of businessman Fa Park. Its main specialization – everything for nail art. This includes false nails and nail polish with a specific spectrum of colors, instant drying, and increased gloss. The company was founded in New York. Now its production facilities are in Clifton, New Jersey.

Meaning and History

Color Street Symbol

This cosmetic brand started with problems. More precisely – from the seen problems, when a cab passenger tried right in the car to quickly clean her nails and paint them. Fa Park watched the sad action at a traffic light, and when he arrived home, he immediately went to the store to buy nail polish to begin the experiments. He applied nail polish under unequal conditions to different paper types until he got the perfect one. In the end, the entrepreneur discovered a unique formula, which he patented and began to implement in production.

The brand concept is built on the principle of beauty and practicality. These are incredibly bright tones with easy application, quick-drying and easy removal. In its fashionable nail polishes, the manufacturer reflects, first of all, modernity, and secondly, universality. The logo embodies this idea because it consists of a basic palette for nail art. These are delightful colors, one hundred percent lacquered, shiny, with an impeccably glossy surface.

The combination of modernity, brightness, and practicality of the products is reflected in the brand logo. On the one hand, it has strict black elements, and on the other hand, it consists of magical iridescent inclusions. Such a combination conveys a sense of celebration even in a business casual. The logo has two basic parts – text and graphics. They are both very simple, light, and not overloaded with many details. They clearly show the simplicity to which the cosmetics company of patented nail polishes aspires.

The lettering is the brand name, composed of two words of a different style. The first fragment of the word combination is at the top. It is written in lower-case bold type. The letters are spaced optimally, making them easy to read and comprehend. The characters are rounded, streamlined, chopped. There are no abrupt transitions. The second half of the name occupies the bottom line. The second half is made to contrast with the first because its signs are as thin as possible, with clear right angles both inside and outside. The word is written in capital letters, which are placed almost side by side.

The graphic part consists of colorful multicolored spots of the neon spectrum. They convey the mood of the brand’s products, embody the tone of the nail polishes and represent their basic range. The six dots divide the company name in two, not allowing it to merge. They look like dotted lines drawn with thin brushes on white paper. The miniature circles are colored in red, yellow, blue, navy blue, pink, and purple. Bright accents immediately catch the eye even with a glance at the logo – they attract and intrigue, making you interested in the products.

Color Street: Interesting Facts

Color Street has made a big splash in beauty and fashion with its unique nail polish strips. This American brand mixes innovation with a business model that helps people become entrepreneurs.

  1. How It Started: The idea came to founder Fa Park when he saw a woman struggling to paint her nails in a cab. He thought there must be an easier way, which led to the creation of nail polish strips. Thanks to a special technology, these strips are easy to use and dry instantly.
  2. Unique Product: Color Street offers nail polish strips that are quick to apply and don’t need drying time. They’re made with real nail polish and come off easily, making them both convenient and high-quality.
  3. Supporting Entrepreneurs: The company uses a direct sales model. This means people can join as stylists, sell products, and build their businesses with little upfront cost.
  4. Caring for the Planet: Color Street focuses on being eco-friendly and ethical. They aim to reduce waste in production and use recyclable packaging.
  5. Proudly American: All of Color Street’s nail strips are made in the USA. This supports American jobs and ensures the products are of high quality.
  6. Giving Back: The company is active in community work, supporting causes like breast cancer awareness, military families, and education. It’s all about helping out where they can.
  7. Variety of Styles: Color Street has many designs and colors, whether you like bold and glittery or simple and elegant. They keep their collection fresh and in line with current trends.
  8. Going Global: Starting in America, Color Street plans to reach customers worldwide, showing the wide appeal of its innovative product.
  9. Building a Community: Color Street is a nail strip retailer and a community of support at the same time. They offer training and support to their stylists and keep customers engaged through social media.

Color Street stands out in the beauty industry by blending creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and a commitment to social responsibility. Its story shows how a simple idea can change the way we think about beauty products and make a positive impact.

Font and Colors

Color Street Emblem

Color Street has just one personal identity mark to make the brand recognizable. It hasn’t changed since its inception and was approved early in the brand’s career. This symbolism contains two opposites – practicality and brightness. The founder of the company emphasizes the idea of a common image. That in any situation, in any clothing, there is bound to be a place for colorfulness – in the form of glossy, well-groomed nails.

Two types of garnish are used in the logo. The first part of the name is written in a font reminiscent of Avalon Book by FontSite Inc. as much as possible, but with thicker letters. The second word is written in a typeface close to Aovel Sans Regular, which designer Alvaro Thomaz created.

The color palette in the emblem is bright and saturated, entering the neon spectrum. It is dominated by red, purple, navy blue, yellow, pink, and sky blue. The letters are colored in black, which makes them stand out wonderfully against the white background.

Color Street color codes

Neon RedHex color:#ff141f
RGB:255 20 31
CMYK:0 92 88 0
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Cadmium YellowHex color:#fff300
RGB:255 243 0
CMYK:0 5 100 0
Pantone:PMS 3955 C
Vivid Sky BlueHex color:#00c6f5
RGB:0 198 245
CMYK:100 19 0 4
Pantone:PMS 312 C
Midnight BlueHex color:#282474
RGB:40 36 116
CMYK:66 69 0 55
Pantone:PMS 662 C
Deep PinkHex color:#ff0e94
RGB:255 14 148
CMYK:0 95 42 0
Pantone:PMS 806 C
Purple HeartHex color:#742994
RGB:116 41 148
CMYK:22 72 0 42
Pantone:PMS 2602 C
BlackHex color:#000101
RGB:0 1 1
CMYK:100 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C