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Commscope: Brand overview

Founded: 1976
Founder: Frank M. Drendel
Hickory, North Carolina, U.S.
Emerging as a subset of Superior Continental Cable in 1953, CommScope started its journey in Hickory, North Carolina. The parent company branched out in 1961, forming a specialized unit called Comm/Scope to concentrate on the coaxial cable market. In 1976, entrepreneurs Frank Drendel and Jearld Leonhardt gained control of the CommScope product line from Continental Telephone, thereby establishing CommScope as an autonomous entity.

The company grew organically and through strategic acquisitions during the ensuing decades, specifically the 1980s and 1990s. It widened its reach beyond the United States, entering markets in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. A pivotal moment in its corporate history came in 1997 when it separated from General Instrument and took the leap to go public. Shortly after, the company achieved another significant milestone, surpassing $1 billion in yearly revenue by 2000.

In 2011, a notable development was the acquisition of Andrew Corporation, a major player in wireless network infrastructure. This move considerably broadened CommScope’s range of offerings. Today, the company stands as an international leader in communications network infrastructure, boasting a workforce of over 30,000 people across the globe. CommScope remains at the forefront of technological advances and focuses on innovative developments in 5G networks, WiFi 6, fiber optic solutions, small cellular technologies, and intelligent networking software.

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Commscope color codes

Raisin Black Hex color: #231f20
RGB: 35 31 32
CMYK: 0 11 9 86
Pantone: PMS Neutral Black C