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Connaught Motor Company: Brand overview

Connaught Motor Company, a British automotive company that operated from 2006 to 2014, originated as an ambitious offshoot of Connaught Engineering. The latter was an engineering firm known for its commitment to lightweight vehicle technology. In contrast, the newly formed Connaught Motor set its sights solely on creating high-performance hybrid electric sports cars.

In its relatively short existence, Connaught Motor managed to create some intriguing prototypes, including the Type D Hybrid and Type D Syracuse. These cars were a fusion of past and future, combining gas engines and electric motors with design aesthetics reminiscent of vintage Grand Prix cars.

Despite the promising nature of their designs, Connaught faced many challenges in realizing their vision. One of the most serious was the inability to obtain sufficient funding to move the hybrid supercars from the prototype stage to series production. This financial problem haunted the company throughout its life.

In the end, Connaught only managed to hand-build about five prototypes before running into financial difficulties and ceasing operations in 2014. Connaught’s history is littered with unfulfilled promises. However, the company’s prototypes were undoubtedly ahead of their time, reflecting a level of engineering excellence and innovative thinking that set them apart.

Although the company eventually collapsed, the legacy of Connaught’s forward-thinking approach to hybrid sports cars lives on. Several prototypes of these cars remain in the hands of collectors, serving as a tangible reminder of a brand that dared to dream big but passed away untimely. These rare cars are a testament to an era of innovation and a vision of automotive excellence that was perhaps too far ahead of its time.

Meaning and History

Connaught Motor Company Logo History

2006 – 2014

Connaught Motor Company Logo

The Connaught Motor logo is semi-oval in shape, with the top part more rounded than the bottom. A wide silver border with a slight metallic tinge runs along the edge. The same effect is seen in the glyphs. The inscription consists of capital letters of different sizes: the letters in the center are tall, while those on the sides are short. In addition, all the letters are slightly slanted: the left ones to the left, the right ones to the right. The only exception is the letter “A” in the center. The background for the gray name is a dark crimson color with a gradient.

This logo is like a hidden gem. The letters don’t just stand still; they seem to dance, tilting to one side or the other. The letter “A” in the center stands still as if it were the master of all the other letters. The colors don’t scream but still make you take notice. The metallic sheen on the frame and letters give them a little “wow, that’s shiny!” without going overboard.