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The combination of feminine and masculine demonstrates the CooMeet logo. Seeing each other creates a closer bond between the participants and increases the number of real likes. The emblem gives hope for love.

CooMeet: Brand overview

Watford, Hertford, United Kingdom
CooMeet is a next-generation social video network for dating remotely. This service is free and offers support for visual communication between members of the opposite sex. It is mainly focused on the Russian-speaking audience, as it was created by a developer from Russia who wished to remain anonymous. In addition, the main option of the website is to provide anonymity, good sound, and uninterrupted broadcasting.

Meaning and History

CooMeet Symbol

The basis for an innovative resource was the Chatroulette platform. But, unlike it, the new platform allows you to get acquainted with representatives of the Russian-speaking audience (foreigners are rare on it). However, the possibility of such contacts exists, as the site uses a messenger with instant translation. The social network works around the clock, so it always offers a choice of conversations with any candidate you like. In essence, it is a chat roulette, where the visitor first explores several remote interlocutors and then stops at one of them. Communication by companies is not excluded either.

Even though the basis for the service CooMeet was Chatroulette, they have several significant differences. So, in addition to video chat, it has a classic chat with the function of exchanging media files and messages. There you can search for acquaintances without registration. The resource is designed for remote interaction between opposite-sex interlocutors. Those who register on the site retain their entire communication history, so visitors can easily find candidates they like and continue their conversation with them. Providing personal information is not required.

What is CooMeet?

CooMeet is a web resource for dating and casual video communication between remote interlocutors. It provides users with real-time, non-binding long-distance communication and guarantees anonymity, smooth streaming, and a good audio format. The site also offers the possibility of chatting and sharing media files.

After entering the resource, the contacts are grouped randomly. If they didn’t like a suggested candidate or candidate, the visitor presses the “next” button, and the randomizer suggests another person. The main task of the platform is to support high-quality video streaming in real-time. Connection to the broadcast occurs in a matter of seconds, without long waits. This is due to the widespread demand for video chat and the large number of people who want to support relaxed communication. There is protection from bots and from fake video chatting with non-existent people.

CooMeet’s visual identity is made as attractive and friendly as possible. The logo is a combination of two elements – text and graphics. It is made in bright colors with a hint of gender separation: pink color stands for a female audience, a blue one for a male audience. At the same time, the colors are not too flashy and are close to the pastel palette.

The inscription is in handwriting without italics – the letters are horizontal and connected with each other. Most of the letters are lowercase, except for the “C.” The word “CooMeet” has a combined color: “Coo” is made in pink, and “meet” in blue. The connection between the characters is soft, smooth, and with no sharp angles. All of the characters are rounded.

To the left of the name of the dating the platform is a miniature bird. It, too, consists of a combination of colorful parts and usually serves as a badge for the mobile application. The feathered is depicted in profile and facing the right side – facing the text. The bird’s back, head, and tail parts form a solid element and are pink in color. The chest, beak, and feet are colored blue. The eye and the dividing stripe between the upper and lower part are white. However, it does not interfere with the unified perception of the image of the “chirpy” – with a hint of communication and a relaxed manner.

Font and Colors

CooMeet Emblem

The lettering in the CooMeet logo imitates handwritten text. The font is rounded, coherent, vertical, sans serif, with a smooth transition between letters. The brand palette of the video resource contains two gender colors: pink, which usually represents women, and blue, which represents men.

CooMeet color codes

Dark PinkHex color:#f84f80
RGB:248 79 128
CMYK:0 68 48 3
Pantone:PMS 191 C
Celestial BlueHex color:#00a2ff
RGB:0 162 255
CMYK:100 36 0 0
Pantone:PMS Medium Blue C