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The Copo Americano logo embodies three essential aspects: a clear concept, the product itself, and its versatility. The centerpiece of the design is a faceted glass composed of six bold stripes that taper towards the bottom. The upper edge is trapezoid-shaped and separated by a white stripe, while the bottom is represented as a short horizontal line. This portrayal conveys the simplicity of the glass, which has been the cornerstone of its global recognition. On the right side of the logo, the brand name is displayed in rounded, lowercase letters without serifs.

The faceted glass design, depicted through six bold stripes, is an ingenious way of capturing the essence of the product. Each stripe is a visual component and a representation of the glass’s facets. They lend an almost tactile quality to the logo, inviting the viewer to grasp the design and the product’s physical form. The tapering of these stripes towards the bottom offers a sense of dimension, reinforcing the logo’s allegiance to the product’s authentic shape.

The choice of a trapezoid shape for the upper edge is particularly eye-catching. This geometric form adds more sophistication to an otherwise simple design. It provides a visual break, differentiating between the glass and the surrounding space. The white stripe is a clever demarcation line, emphasizing the glass’s shape. The short horizontal line at the bottom balances out the design, establishing the glass on a surface in a graphic sense.

Copo Americano, as a brand, has prioritized readability and clarity. The use of lowercase, rounded letters for the brand name speaks to the approachability and universal appeal of the product. Sans-serif fonts often signal modernity and simplicity, aligning well with the brand’s image. The name placement on the right side creates a perfect balance, allowing the product and its name to share the limelight.

Every detail in this logo, from the number of stripes to the typography, is deliberately designed to depict the glass’s simplicity and global appeal. The logo does not just inform but captivates and educates the consumer about the product’s inherent features and widespread acceptance. Its design elements align cohesively to produce a logo as versatile and universally appealing as the glass it represents.

Copo Americano: Brand overview


In the 1940s, Brazil witnessed the rise of Copo Americano, a brainchild of Ricardo Santos. With a passion for positioning Brazil as a significant coffee player in the global market, Santos realized the anomaly of the nation’s reliance on imported coffee despite being in a region celebrated for its coffee-growing climate.

Santos procured top-tier machinery from the United States to embark on his mission. This strategic acquisition streamlined domestic coffee production and set Copo Americano apart. 1948, the firm introduced its coffee range, crafted specifically considering the Brazilian palate.

Copo Americano’s footprint in the market grew more pronounced during the subsequent decades. The 1950s and 60s marked a period of rapid expansion, thanks to the country’s burgeoning coffee appetite. The company’s ethos revolved around procuring prime Brazilian coffee beans and utilizing their state-of-the-art machinery to produce impeccable blends. By the time the 1970s rolled in, Copo Americano had established itself as a household name in Brazil.

With the onset of the 1980s and 90s, the firm ventured into diverse coffee categories, offering consumers a spectrum ranging from whole beans to instant coffee variants. Their reputation crossed the Brazilian borders, leading to a surge in international demand. Copo Americano instigated measures to uphold sustainable practices as a responsible enterprise. This encompassed ethical bean procurement and introducing conservation techniques in their facilities.

Fast forward to the present, and Copo Americano stands tall as Brazil’s premier coffee magnate. With sprawling production units and an extensive network of coffee farms, the company remains resolute in harnessing technology and innovation to elevate the coffee experience. The brand’s legacy is intertwined with the robust American machinery that became the cornerstone of its inception.

In essence, Copo Americano is not just a brand but a testament to Brazil’s coffee evolution. Synonymous with affordability and unmatched quality, it captures the true essence of Brazilian coffee, reflecting a journey that parallels Brazil’s coffee chronicle.

Meaning and History

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What is Copo Americano?

Copo Americano is the brand name of an iconic faceted glass designed by Nadir Dias de Figueiredo and produced by the Brazilian company of the same name. It’s considered a standard for glassware and measuring vessels since it has a consistent volume of around 200 milliliters. It’s used for soft drinks, beer, and tea in Russia. The glass has been in production since 1947 and is the most demanded dishware in the world. It’s recognized as a symbol of Brazilian design and is displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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