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Corre La Licorne: Brand overview

The French automobile company Corre La Licorne was founded by Jean-Marie Corre in 1901 in Levallois-Perret, France. In the early years, the company produced three-wheeled and four-wheeled motorcycles with engines obtained from De Dion-Bouton.

In 1906, the company ventured into automobile production with the introduction of the 6CV two-cylinder car. Subsequent models came in various families, from the 8CV to the 40CV, allowing Corre to expand its range. In the period leading up to the First World War, the company gained prominence as a manufacturer of reliable medium-sized cars, including trucks and cabs, and achieved an annual production volume of around 1,000 units.

When the Great War broke out, Corre La Licorne shifted its focus to the production of military cars and trucks, thus demonstrating its ability to adapt in times of crisis. After the war, Corre returned to the production of passenger cars. The interwar period saw the production of sports coupes and roadsters, giving Corre a prominent place in the automobile industry of the 1920s and 30s.

Despite its innovative products and established reputation, Corre found it increasingly difficult to compete with larger automobile firms entering the market. Sales began to decline, and in 1937, the company launched its last new model, the 11CV.

World War II was a turning point for the company. Attempts to revive production in the post-war era were unsuccessful, and in 1949, Corre La Licorne was forced to close its doors, ending an impressive 45-year run.

Corre La Licorne’s legacy is embodied in the approximately 55,000 cars produced during its existence. These cars symbolize the company’s influence and innovation in the early French automotive industry, reflecting a bygone era of craftsmanship and ambition. Although Corre was unable to survive in a rapidly changing automotive world, its contribution to the industry remains a crucial chapter in French automotive history.

Meaning and History

Corre La Licorne Logo History

1901 – 1949

Corre La Licorne Logo

The automaker’s logo, named after the unicorn, or “La Licorne” in French, naturally features an image of this mythical creature. The horse (which is essentially a unicorn) stands on its hind legs, facing left. The mythical animal is painted in dark maroon and placed on a bright red background in the center of the round dance. This choice is not accidental: a unicorn was drawn on the family crest of successful racing driver Waldemar Lestienne. As a sign of gratitude for the company’s image enhancement, the unicorn was included in the logo. A white stripe with patterns and the brand name runs down the center.

The logo tells its own little story. The unicorn, majestic, seems to be performing fanciful dance moves. It’s not just the red color in the background; the bright red color makes the unicorn stand out even more. The whimsical white stripe pattern gives it an extra twist without making it too bright.