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The Cricut logo demonstrates the precision of cutting figures at home using the eponymous computer-controlled machines. Its simple design conveys the ease of use of plotters that work not only with paper but also with fabrics, wood, cardboard, leather, vinyl, and felt.

Cricut: Brand overview

Cricut is an American brand of cutting mini-machines for home use. The line was introduced by Provo Craft & Novelty, Inc., which was established in 1969 and initially focused on software for personal computers. The first plotter model, named Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter, was released in 2003, later creating an entire lineup of similar devices. In 2018, the company changed its name to Cricut. Its founder is David Watkins. The headquarters is located in South Jordan, Utah.

Meaning and History

Cricut Logo History

Provo Craft & Novelty initially focused on producing software for home computers for a long time, but in 2003, it shifted to applied equipment. This transformation resulted in the launch of the first digital cutting machine, Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter. Realizing its demand, the manufacturer launched a whole line of computer-controlled plotters for individual use. In March 2018, the company officially adopted a new name, rebranding itself as its cutting device.

The name for the Cricut machine was chosen by association: it derives from the word “cricket,” a small insect known for its monotonous yet pleasant chirping. This miniature creature perfectly fits into the brand’s identity: it represents the machine’s intricate precision, its compact size, and its ability to cut complex, detailed figures.

What is Cricut?

Cricut is a line of digital plotters for cutting various shapes from paper, cardboard, leather, fabrics, vinyl, felt, wood, and other materials. These computer-controlled machines were produced by the eponymous American company, formerly known as Provo Craft & Novelty, until 2018. Founded in 1969 in California by entrepreneur David Watkins, the corporation released its first cutting machine intended for home crafters in 2003. Its headquarters are located in South Jordan, Utah.


Cricut Old Logo

The Cricut logo is text-based, containing only the brand name. It is set in bold font with no sharp angles – the edges of all letters are rounded. The glyphs are mainly lowercase, block, smooth, and printed. However, despite being purely textual, there is some graphic element in it, combined with the first “C.” The designers added two antennae on top of it, like a real cricket, to make the text more accurately convey the image of this insect and visually resemble it. The color of the inscription – light green – matches this requirement, similar to the color of a grasshopper.


Cricut Logo

The updated emblem resembles the old version but with one significant difference: there is no longer any reference to cricket or even a hint at this insect. The style of the inscription remains the same: strict, business-like, two-dimensional. The square on top of “i” is gone, replaced by a classic dot. The font has been entirely shifted to lowercase, and the name is repainted in turquoise. The corners of the letters are now sharper than before, but the roundings are softer, perfectly balancing the glyphs.

Font and Colors

Cricut Emblem

The fonts used for writing the text in the Cricut logos are approximately similar to the LilGrotesk Bold font by Bastien Sozoo (the original has a square instead of a dot) and TT Firs Extra Bold by Typetype (with slight differences in “c” and “t”).

Cricut Symbol

The palette consists of two colors: light green, reminiscent of the color of a grasshopper, and turquoise, bringing a fresh note to the logo. They evoke tranquility, calmness, confidence, and ease.