The CSCEC logo is full of energy and determination because it is associated with the construction sector. Its main task is to show potential customers the reliability and responsibility of the company, its high technological capability, and its advancement. The designers used simple elements and a clear structure for this purpose.

CSCEC: Brand overview

Founder:Central People’s Government
Beijing, People’s Republic of China
CSCEC (The China State Construction Engineering Corporation) is a Chinese company founded in 1957. It is a construction engineering corporation. CSCEC is headquartered in Beijing. The company is one of the largest globally in this industry. This is directly related to the presence of subsidiaries around the world. As a result, the Chinese brand is actively involved in the most significant construction projects.

Meaning and History

CSCEC Symbol

The brand’s visual identity is built on the uniqueness and originality of the details of the logo. For the entire period of CSCEC functioning, only one version of the logo was introduced to the market without further redesigns or significant updates. Given that the brand is directly related to the construction theme, its logo is also based on geometry, the contrast of details, and overall stability. The decision that the company’s logo does not require changes is because initially, it was able to find the optimal style that clearly emphasizes the goals and aspirations of the organization.

The company logo consists of a blue square inside, the name CSCEC. Interestingly, a unique font was used with square sans-serif letters. Although all letters are displayed in upper case, the first and last letters are much smaller. Associations with building blocks are created. Globally speaking, such a logo looks very stylish and confident. The color contrast and style features are pure geometry. Stretched letters look unusual but interesting.

What is CSCEC?

This is the largest construction company in China, known far beyond the “Celestial Empire.” The market value is over $41 billion. This is one of the most serious employers in China because The China State Construction Engineering Corporation has more than 302 thousand employees.

Below, in two lines, there are verbal inscriptions in Chinese characters. This is a translation of the name in the company’s native language. All of them are handwritten in black letters—an interesting addition to the main element of the logo. Moreover, the first line looks more unique, thanks to many serifs and a unique style in writing hieroglyphs. The contrast between the Latin and Chinese inscriptions demonstrates the international status of the company and its focus on the implementation of major international projects.

Font and Colors

CSCEC Emblem

The company used a unique font for its logo. Square letters are a feature of CSCEC with which they attract the attention of new customers. Each letter is a separate story. In addition to the construction theme, letters can also be associated with classic computer games of the late 80s of the last century. Each letter has a particular style of writing. In turn, Chinese characters do not look so convincing but also progressive.

The blue-white-black color palette is genuinely interesting. The contrast between the elements looks mysterious and interesting. You don’t often see hieroglyphs and Latin letters side by side, especially if different colors are used for them. In general, we can say that the chosen range of colors conveys the mood of the company and its messages to potential customers.

CSCEC color codes

Green BlueHex color:#0084cd
RGB:0 132 205
CMYK:100 36 0 20
Pantone:PMS 7461 C
Dark CharcoalHex color:#332c2b
RGB:51 44 43
CMYK:0 14 16 80
Pantone:PMS 440 C