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The desire for travel and adventure and love for Scotland permeate the Cutty Sark logo. Brand whiskey will be a great companion on long journeys, warm in cold winds, help you relax in the evenings, and remind you of home.

Cutty Sark: Brand overview

Founded:23 March 1923
Founder:Berry Bros. & Rudd

Cutty Sark is an early 20th century Scotch recipe from Scotland. It is produced in an area conventionally defined as the Historic Scotch Whiskey Region. It is blended from a mixture of 30 single malt and grain spirits, after which the drink matures in oak barrels for at least six months. This softens the taste, reminiscent of a mixture of spices, coconut, and oak. According to the classification of the Whiskey Association, the drink belongs to the Standard blend class. Includes four varieties:

  • Original, made according to the first recipe, with a fruity-vanilla flavor.
  • Prohibition Edition with a high alcohol content (50%) with a honey-sweet aftertaste with hints of dried fruit.
  • Aged with different aging times (from 12 years) and a very versatile flavor composition.
  • Imperial Kingdom (premium blend with rare ingredients).

Today, the brand is owned by La Martiniquaise, a French spirits concern that owns the Scottish distillery in Speyside, where the brand originally originated.

Meaning and History

Cutty Sark Symbol

The history of whiskey begins in 1923 in the distillery of the Scottish region Speyside. The drink’s release is associated with the London family company Berry Brothers. & Rudd. Today it is one of the ten oldest firms in Britain and has been a supplier to the royal court since 1903. The company owned the brand until 2010, during which time it became famous worldwide.

The scotch emblem has not changed since its inception. It depicts a shield with a white and black ship sailing under full sail across the ocean. This image of a sailboat was borrowed from the marine painter Carl Georg August Wallin in 1955. An indication of the drink itself is listed below: Blended Scotch Whiskey. This version of the signature appeared in 2005 in connection with a change in legislation. Before that, the logo read: Scotch Whiskey.

A similar emblem was chosen as a national symbol of Scotland to convey the spirit of whiskey and accurately indicate the place of its production.

The clipper shown on the label has a high historical value, is associated with the country, and is known worldwide. He has been sailing since 1869. The ship was built in Scotland as the fastest schooner, commissioned by a sailor nicknamed the White Top Hat (John Willis). The captain was going to carry Indian tea home. The name of the clipper was in honor of the young witch Nan, whom the storm of the seas saw in the picture, flying in a short white shirt. According to legend, she reminded John of his only love. The marriage of lovers was not allowed by the bride’s father, and the sailor never married. The Cutty-Sark character was well known in the country. Bard Robert Burns (Scotland’s most famous poet) mentioned this witch in his poem Tam o’ Shanter, written at the end of the 18th century. It was she who was depicted in the picture.

In order not to embarrass his subordinates, the captain left only the words “white shirt” in the name of the schooner, eliminating the hint of a witch. And on the ship’s bow, he placed a white figure of a girl (although she is not visible on the emblem). The sailor remained faithful to his beloved ship all his life. Today the sailboat is included in the list of National Historic Vessels of Great Britain as an original example of the 19th century and is a museum. And the memory of him is enshrined in the name and emblem of whiskey, which is sold far beyond the country’s borders.

It is believed that the ship was chosen for the emblem since whiskey was originally produced for secret and dangerous smuggling by water to the United States, where at that time there was prohibition. And the Scots associated Cutty-Sark with courage and resilience, as it repeatedly overcame severe storms.

Thanks to this symbolism and connection with the sea, famous European races on high sailing ships, sponsored by the drink from 1973 to 2003, were named after whiskey for a long time.

Font and Colors

Cutty Sark Emblem

The emblem has the form of an English shield and a yellow background, as in the coat of arms of Scotland, so it indicates Scottish scotch. Another color indicates the golden hue that the drink has. The shape of the logo also looks like an inverted ship’s bell. The white sail conveys a historical tradition and symbolizes hope and a great future for whisky.

Name font from the Colonna MT family with serifs on the letters and the original style of the letter U.

Cutty Sark color codes

Tangerine YellowHex color:#ffc800
RGB:255 200 0
CMYK:0 22 100 0
Pantone:PMS 7549 C
CopperHex color:#b67f44
RGB:182 127 68
CMYK:0 30 63 29
Pantone:PMS 722 C
BlackHex color:#020100
RGB:2 1 0
CMYK:0 50 100 100
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C