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Smooth, graceful lines make the Daewoo logo elegant and regal. The emblem is ideal for cars that are distinguished by convenience and beauty. The elements of the sign show the prestige and technical excellence of the brand.

Daewoo: Brand overview

Founded:22 March 1967
Founder:Kim Woo-choong
Seoul, South Korea
Daewoo is the largest South Korean conglomerate, which has covered most of the spheres of the national economy. The Daewoo Group consisted of about twenty divisions bearing the same name. The parent company appeared in 1967. Its founder was Kim Woo Choong, the son of the head of the Daegu provincial administration. In 1999, the industrial giant was declared bankrupt with a debt of 50 billion dollars, although in 1997, it was considered the most successful and was the second-largest in South Korea. Wrong government policies contributed to its destruction. Some branches managed to survive and became independent producers, although they still have the same name.

Meaning and History

Daewoo Logo History

Daewoo Motor Co., Ltd. appeared as part of the Daewoo Group in 1978 when the conglomerate bought Saehan Motor. But only in 1983, it became a legally independent unit. Later, due to financial difficulties, this division was taken over by General Motors, which bought it in 2001. Until 2011, the original Daewoo emblem was still used in some countries, such as Vietnam and South Korea. Now the factories of this company produce cars only for Asian consumers. And the subsidiary, engaged in the production of commercial vehicles, passed to the Indian corporation Tata Motors.

At the same time, many Daewoo models were renamed. Back in 2004, General Motors announced that it would supply them to Europe under the Chevrolet brand. They are sold under the same name in the Middle East, Thailand, and South Africa. In New Zealand and Australia, they carry the Holden label. In South Korea, Daewoo brand cars were first renamed GM Korea (in 2011) and later in Chevrolet (in 2015). In addition, some of the products are now manufactured as Ravon (GM Uzbekistan). Consequently, the original Daewoo Motor emblem becomes a rarity. In total, five versions of the design are known.

What is Daewoo?

Daewoo is a now-defunct South Korean company. It included two dozen enterprises, including Daewoo Motors, a car manufacturer that was transformed into GM Korea in 2011. Its history dates back to 1937 with the emergence of National Motor.

1967 – 1974

Daewoo Logo 1967-1974

The debut logo consists of two “D” s adjacent. The letters are aligned with the flat side and connected at the top. The convex half is shown in a bracket or an arch turned to the side. The color of the elements is black; the background is white.

1974 – 1978

Daewoo Logo 1974-1978

The designers changed the style of the emblem, making it in the form of gushing stripes. They are painted in different colors and alternate with each other: six purple lines and seven white. To the right and left of them are small ovals with pointed ends. Below is the brand name. The word “Daewoo” is written in sans serif capital letters. The font is bold, printed.

1978 – 1994

Daewoo Logo 1978-1994

The developers have reduced the number of stripes and replaced the color, which depicts five blue lines and six white lines. The lateral ovals are enlarged. The inscription now has a different font – thin, semi-connected, with the original beaten letters “A” (third cuts off its crossbar) and “W” (its central part is made with a cross).

1994 – 2002

Daewoo Logo 1994-2002

The emblem has radically changed its shape: now it is a flattened oval with two short trapezoidal stripes. Outwardly, the figure resembles a butterfly. The color of the logo is blue, like the lettering below.

2002 – 2016

Daewoo Logo 2002-2016

This is the latest version of the logo still in use in some countries. Then the car brand ceased to exist. This version has something in common with the previous sign. The difference between them is in the style of decoration since here it is three-dimensional and metallic, similar to a carnival mask with slits for the eyes. Below the icon is the name of the company in grotesque blue letters.

Font and Colors

Daewoo Emblem

At all times, Daewoo has had an abstract logo. It was a mirrored structure where the right and left sides were identical.

Daewoo Symbol

Some versions used a rounded typeface with smooth lines. In the first and last logo, it is acute-angled, straight, with even corners. The only thing they had in common was the lack of serifs. The signature palette consisted of black, purple, blue, and gray.

Daewoo color codes

Prussian BlueHex color:#002e67
RGB:0 46 103
CMYK:100 55 0 60
Pantone:PMS 294 C

What does the Daewoo logo mean?

Although European consumers have assumed that the Daewoo logo depicts a flower, it is, in fact, the shell of a marine clam. It symbolizes the birth of life, prosperity, wealth, trade, and enrichment in many cultures. And spiral shells are associated with evolution, development, and transformation because DNA also has a spiral shape.

What is the logo for Daewoo?

Before becoming GM Korea, Daewoo Motors used a stylized shell symbol with a silver gradient. It resembled a flower in shape: identical drop-shaped figures were depicted on the right and left, and a vertically located triangular element in the middle. The brand name was also an obligatory component of the logo. It was at the bottom and consisted of bold blue letters.

What is the font of the Daewoo logo?

Bold, low-contrast sans serif was used for the word “DAEWOO.” It is similar to Mint Type’s Diaria Sans Pro Extra Bold, ParaType’s Pragmatica Condensed Extra Bold, and DSType’s Dobra Bold but differs in slightly altered letter spacing and a cut on the top horizontal “E” stroke.