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DAF Logo

DAF Logo

The DAF brand belongs to the PACCAR concern, which gave it a second life. He bought out its divisions and merged them, after which he built a new car plant in Brazil. At the same time, like many years ago, the main office is located in the Netherlands.

Meaning and History

DAF Logo History
Evolution of the DAF Logo

DAF is believed to have originated in 1928, although it did not exist at the time. It was a historical period when investor A. H. Huenges helped workshop owner Van Doorne expand the business into a small factory. At first, he was engaged in commercial trailers, then proceeded to modify other people’s vehicles.

The first DAF truck was produced in 1949, and the production of passenger cars began in 1958. The brand name is an abbreviation of the full name of Van Doorne’s Automobile Fabriek, where all the equipment was originally manufactured.

Historically, DAF did not have a well-thought-out identity for a long time. Until 1968, the hoods of cars could be decorated with chrome inscriptions, after which a plate with the model name was attached to the radiator grille. In 1972, only the word “DAF” remained on the grill. A little later, the brand was acquired by Volvo. She began to place her emblem on cars.

However, DAF had an official logo. It changed in 1989, two years after the brand became one with Leyland Motors Limited. When the PACCAR concern bought out DAF, it decided to keep the existing identity.

1928 – 1989

DAF Logo 1928-1989

The early version of the logo looked like a wheel because the company started with trailers, which were to transport goods over long distances. This symbol has remained relevant even as the range of vehicles has expanded. It looked like three rings of different diameters, alternating in color (black – white – black). The large inner circle was divided into four parts by perpendicular lines, and in the very center was a smaller circle.

Horizontal stripes were depicted next to the wheel: three on the right and three on the left. They were arranged in pairs and matched each other in length. The ends of the longest lines were curved upward, forming white circles with a black outline. Perfect symmetry was broken only by the word “DAF” written above the rings and having an arch shape.

1989 – present

DAF Logo 1989-present

In 1989, the developers simplified the logo. After the redesign, only one horizontal stripe remained of the complex graphic composition, repainted in bright red. She underlines the brand name, which is now written in big blue letters.

There is another version of the wordmark: with the additional text “A PACCAR COMPANY.” It appeared after the brand changed its owner. The phrase is usually found under the red line, but only PACCAR legal members can use it. All three words are black, while the second is highlighted in bold corporate type.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

DAF Emblem

The modern DAF sign is as simple as possible because it contains only the inscription with an underlined horizontal line. Moreover, the emblem is easy to recognize: it focuses on the brand name and always remains in the same style. This is the main symbol of the automaker, the central part of its identity.

DAF Symbol

All three letters in the word are individually bold, sans serif. The stylized “A” draws special attention: it looks like a delta sign with a cut-off top and a space in the lower-left corner. Priority colors are red (# D50017) and blue (# 001D7F). The brand guidelines state that the logo can only be placed on a light background, metallic, transparent, gray, or white.