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The Dainese logo is a concentration of energy, without which there can be no forward movement. It reflects the peak of the extreme, its sharp angles, and difficult turns. Reliability, confidence, and safety: this is the emblem of a company ready to help out in moments of endless exertion.

Dainese: Brand overview

Founder:Lino Dainese
Colceresa, Italy
Dainese is an Italian company created by Lino Dainese in 1972. Specializes in the production and sale of protective equipment for extreme sports, including motorcycling, mountain biking, winter sports, etc. The headquarters is located in Colceresa, Italy. The company takes an active part in the organization of starts, acting as a sponsor.

Meaning and History

Dainese Logo History

Visual recognition of the brand is high for people who are fond of mountain biking or skiing. For all the time, only one version of the logo was presented, which remains unchanged today. As a symbol of Dainese, the red devil looks quite intimidating but simultaneously demonstrates the direction of the company, thanks to its aggressiveness and gloominess, which can also be perceived as confidence.

Even though the company appeared in 1972, its history began a little earlier, when a young 20-year-old Lino Dainese visited London on his Vespa. He then decided that a good option for making money would be the production of protective equipment for motorcyclists.

What is Dainese?

It is a world-famous brand among extreme sports enthusiasts. For 50 years, the company has been manufacturing quality products in demand among the target audience.

Dainese Symbol

Interestingly, the first sketches of the future logo also revolved around the “devil” theme but looked even more sinister, thanks to a large number of acculturative details. Some sketches suggested using a full-length image of the devil, while others featured only the head. He held the wheel to evoke motorcycle associations for the target audience in some cases.

The current version of the logo looks more relaxed but still raises doubts among people who want to buy something from Dainese products. The logo consists of a word inscription and an emblem, which is used separately and is the only element in most cases. The inscription is made in a modern style and is associated with cruelty and recklessness. It is a bold sans-serif typeface with a unique writing style for each letter. It’s hard to tell whether the characters are uppercase or lowercase. Most likely, different registers are used. Also, pointed corners and different thicknesses in the lines stand out in them. For example, in “n,” the left vertical line is thicker than the right one.

The emblem itself looks like a red triangle turned down. At the same time, the upper part is significantly rounded. In the center, two triangles are also used as the demon’s eyes. The logo was designed by Otello Gervasio, an artist from New York. This element is called “Demon Flower.” Tacca Chantrieri (Asian flower) or “black bat flower” clearly conveys the company’s message.

Font and Colors

Dainese Emblem

A unique style was chosen as the font, which has no analogs of the logos of world famous companies. This is a bold cursive sans-serif typeface with unique features in the writing of each character. Special attention deserves the fact that despite the identical size of the letters, they are written in both upper and lower case.

The author of the logo chose a red-white-black color palette. This is not surprising because these colors most clearly convey the devilish theme. Red, as a rule, is associated not only with love but also with blood and aggression. Given that many motorcycle enthusiasts have a hobby in the form of hard rock, such a decision should have piqued their interest. The contrast between the emblem and the inscription also deserves attention.

Dainese color codes

Racing RedHex color:#e10006
RGB:225 0 6
CMYK:0 100 97 12
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C