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Crystal clearness and snowy peaks are visible in the elements of the emblem. The brand’s water is clear as glass, free from harmful impurities, and good for health. The Dasani logo invites you to freshen up, plunge into this blue and feel a pleasant coolness.

Dasani: Brand overview

Founded:February 1999
Founder:The Coca-Cola Company
United States

Dasani is purified water to which a small amount of mineral salts have been added to replenish the electrolyte balance. One of the projects of Coca-Cola. In addition to the usual mineralized water, several more options are available:

  • Sucralose-sweetened Dasani with strawberry, lemon, and raspberry flavors.
  • DASANI Sparkling flavored sodas have appeared since 2014. They come in many flavors (black cherry, raspberry, blood orange, lime, lemon, lemonade, berries, etc.). Issued in banks. Suitable for drinking and making cocktails.
  • Dasani Drops are special drops with fruit flavors to add to regular water. Various unusual combinations have been proposed: watermelon punch, acai pear, pink lemonade, pineapple-coconut, etc.

Products are distributed in South and North America, Europe, and CIS countries.

Meaning and History

Dasani Logo History

The company focuses on producing environmentally friendly water that fits perfectly into the daily life of users. It perfectly refreshes invigorates the body and mind. It is this idea of ​​purity and freshness that the brand emblem embodies. The name of the brand was chosen as a sign of identity.

At the same time, its outline is made in the style of waves. This is especially hinted at by the smooth lines of the letter S, the wavy tails of the letters A and the asymmetry of the letter N. At the same time, the first and last letters are written in a strict style, balancing the design. They seem to limit the waves of freshness inside the bottle.

The spacing between the letters increases, which creates a feeling of spaciousness and tranquility.

The Dasani logo has not changed for over 20 years. Since 1999, only minor adjustments have been made. There are currently two versions of the logo in use. The first is in white, and the second is in blue (on the company’s website).

Moniker SF worked on creating a visual identity for carbonated drinks. The name of the Dasani brand is used on the cans in blue tones on a silver background with fruit slices. It created a feeling of cold, cleanliness, water, and healthy berries. While remaining healthy mineral water, the drink is more appealing to customers with its fruity taste and minimal calorie content than the usual soda.

Font and Colors

Dasani Emblem

The color scheme also hints at the water. The lettering of the inscription is white with light blue extra lines, a blue background, and a black stroke. The white color is a hint of coolness and purity. Water is not only thoroughly purified and safe for health. Coca-Cola purposefully fights for the cleanliness of the environment. Since 2009, Dasani has been available in bottles made up of partially plant-based plastics and recycled plastics. And since 2017, Dasani has been trying to transfer sales of Dasani to the option without containers using PureFill filling machines. This move helped the brand to stand out and increase sales.

Blue and blue in the logo are symbols of water. The completely blue letters of the emblem on the company’s website indicate the richness and fullness of the taste of the drink.

Dasani Symbol

Black edging gives the whole composition clarity. This shows that the benefit is concentrated in the bottle. Water invigorates helps to concentrate. Dasani is simplicity and conciseness.

The font of the inscription does not have an exact match. It is similar to the upgraded Maiandra GD.

Dasani color codes

Dark Powder BlueHex color:#193c96
RGB:25 60 150
CMYK:83 60 0 41
Pantone:PMS 661 C