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Dax Cars: Brand overview

Dax Cars, a well-known name in the British sports car industry, originated in 1968 when Derek Jones founded DJ Sportscars International. The company initially focused on fiberglass molding but soon switched to car manufacturing and, in 1970, introduced its first car, the DAX GT. This car, a replica of the AC Cobra, marked Dax’s entry into the world of sports cars and laid the foundation for its future success.

Throughout the 1970s, Dax continued to build on its reputation as a Cobra replica manufacturer. The company introduced new models, such as the DAX Tojeiro and DAX Rush, expanding its lineup. These cars further strengthened Dax’s position in the sports car market.

In the following decades, Dax focused on the production of the iconic DAX Cobra model. In the 80s and 90s, the company refined the existing design and produced distinctive variants such as the DAX Venom with an extended body. With this commitment to innovation, Dax has produced over 10,000 sports car kits and turnkey assembly, making it one of the most prolific Cobra replica manufacturers.

Throughout its history, Dax has gone through several changes of ownership. From its founder, Derek Jones, the company went from Graham Walker and Roger Brown. In 2017, a new chapter began when John Cox purchased Dax and resumed production of the Dax 427, keeping the legacy sports car models intact.

Today, Dax continues the tradition of building Cobra-inspired sports cars by producing the Dax 427 and other models in limited quantities. The company’s prefabricated cars are shipped worldwide and attract enthusiasts looking for the unique blend of nostalgia and performance offered by Dax. Through innovative designs and a commitment to quality, Dax has maintained its place in the hearts of sports car enthusiasts around the world.

Meaning and History

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Dax Cars Logo

The British sports car manufacturer uses a balanced logo. It consists of two wide blue arcs resembling a sickle-shaped blade. One element is located on the right, and the other on the left, but they are slightly offset relative to each other; that is, they are not mirror images. Between them is placed the word “Dax,” typed in capital letters without serifs. Each letter is also outlined with a thin strip, exactly repeating its shape. The lines are colored in blue and are located at a small distance from the letters. In general, the emblem looks like an oval with the name in the center.

The emblem brings thoughts of speed but in a calm, cold way. The blue arcs are reminiscent of two race tracks, which are somehow combined with each other. The word “Dax” in the center is like a superstar car ready to race down those tracks. The thin blue lines around the letters make them more expressive as if they are gearing up to go fast.