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De La Chapelle: Brand overview

De La Chapelle, a humble French car brand, dates back to the early 1970s when it was founded by Xavier de La Chapelle. Known initially for its meticulously crafted reproductions of classic Bugattis, the company quickly gained recognition for its exceptional attention to detail, using original Bugatti parts combined with modern elements.

Hand-assembling each car became a hallmark of De La Chapelle’s craftsmanship, a reflection of a bygone era when automotive craftsmanship was paramount. Although the company mainly produced Bugatti replicas, over time, it demonstrated its innovative abilities by creating several original sports car models. However, De La Chapelle’s production remained exclusive and was often limited to just a few cars per year.

Changes in ownership did not change the company’s dedication to its unique craft. The 1990s and 2000s saw new models such as the Retro Roadster and Crossover, which continued the tradition of building high-end custom cars.

Although De La Chapelle has never been known to the general public, its influence in the automotive world cannot be unrecognized. It occupies a special niche, reflecting the luxury and craftsmanship that characterized pre-war French luxury cars. The brand’s enduring spirit is a tribute to France’s rich automotive heritage and resonates with those who appreciate the rare combination of vintage style and modern technology.

Meaning and History

De La Chapelle Logo History

1985 – today

De La Chapelle Logo

The logo of this automobile manufacturer is French in its quirkiness. The name is stretched horizontally and connected by one long line, which gives it both a stylish and extravagant look. All the letters seem to be strung on a single thread. At the same time, they resemble geometric shapes because they have the same width on all sides. The letter “h” is a visual focal point, as the line stops on the left foot and starts again on the right foot. Above the title is the red letter “c.” To give this large symbol an oval shape, the designers stretched it out and made it look sliced on one side.

The logo combines style and simplicity. Every thought has been put into it, from the letters to the way the line runs through them. A red “C” has been added on top, making it eye-catching but not too flashy. The designers knew exactly what they were doing, and something unique without being overwhelming appeared in the logo.