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Delage: Brand overview

Delage, a luxury automobile brand hailing from France, was founded in 1905. It is the brainchild of founder Louis Delage. Based in Levallois-Perret, France, Delage made a name for itself by creating high-end sports and touring cars designed for affluent buyers.

Since its founding, Delage’s reputation has been bolstered by its achievements on the racetrack: it won the Indy 500 race in 1913 and was crowned Grand Prix champion on several occasions in the 1920s. These victories demonstrated the brand’s engineering prowess and attention to detail, which is evident in such outstanding models as the 2LR and D8. The appeal of the Delage reached its zenith among the social elite, becoming a symbol of luxury and sophistication.

However, the onset of the Great Depression affected the company. Sales plummeted, and by 1935, Delage was in the hands of another French automaker, Delahaye. Under new ownership, Delage continued to produce cars, but the magic that had once defined the brand began to wane. By 1953, after nearly half a century of automobile production, the Delage brand was discontinued.

The Delage story took an unexpected turn in 2019 when efforts were made to revitalize the brand with a focus on modern electric sports cars. The goal was to combine modern technology with the aesthetics and spirit that once made Delage a sought-after name in luxury cars. Although production remains extremely exclusive, the revival of interest in Delage has cemented its status as one of France’s best-known pre-war luxury car manufacturers.

Today, Delage is an enduring symbol of French automotive elegance. Its contributions to racing and its mastery of design and engineering continue to be relevant, reflecting the passion and vision of the brand’s founder, Louis Delage. The brand’s rich heritage, embodied in its magnificent cars, remains a celebrated chapter in the annals of automotive history.

Meaning and History

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1905 – 1953

Delage Logo 1905

2019 – today

Delage Logo

This logo has a magnifying glass effect, as the letters of the company name decrease as you move toward the edge and increase toward the center. This magnification makes the logo more visible. The text is in smooth capital letters. At the ends of the letters, there are small highlights that resemble serifs. The text is located inside a horizontal oval with a double contour. The basic color palette is blue and white. Thanks to the balanced gradient, light highlights, and skillful shading, the icon seems voluminous.

The look of the logo seems attractive. The large letters in the center draw attention, while the small letters on the edges create a sense of coolness and scale. The blue and white colors are transparent, like a clear sky on a sunny day. How do they play with light and shadow? The logo is rendered in such a way that it feels like you can reach out and touch it. It’s like a mini adventure for the eyes, but without being over the top.