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Delahaye: Brand overview

Founded in 1894 by Emile Delahaye in Tours, France, Delahaye began its journey as an automobile manufacturer, initially building engines and chassis for other automobile companies. A few years later, in 1898, the firm moved to Paris, where it began producing finished cars, such as the early Type 1 model, which featured a prominently protruding engine.

In the first two decades of the 20th century, Delahaye’s portfolio expanded from small cars called voiturettes to larger luxury cars and commercial trucks. Delahaye became famous on the racetrack, winning prestigious competitions such as the Gordon Bennett Cup. This enhanced the brand’s reputation for both performance and reliability.

In the 1930s, Delahaye became a serious competitor in the luxury market, introducing such chic models as the Type 135 coupe. These cars, adorned with exquisite bodywork, were aimed at competitors such as Bugatti. However, during World War II, the brand’s success was interrupted when it shifted its focus to producing engines and cars for the French military, and regular car production was suspended.

Delahaye experienced financial difficulties in the post-war period, and its inability to finance new developments led to a gradual decline in innovation. In 1954, the company was absorbed by Hotchkiss, marking the end of the Delahaye era of automobile manufacturing.

Reflecting on sixty years of Delahaye’s existence, the production of some 25,000 cars of the brand is a testament to its craftsmanship and pioneering spirit. Many of these cars are now valuable collector’s items, symbolizing a bygone era of French automotive excellence.

Delahaye’s enduring legacy, defined by its combination of racing pedigree, technical performance, and exclusive styling, places it among the outstanding representatives of the pre-war French automobile industry. The history of the brand continues to fascinate enthusiasts, reflecting a rich tradition that celebrates the unique combination of engineering and elegance that once distinguished Delahaye.

Meaning and History

Delahaye Logo History

1894 – 1901

Delahaye Logo 1894

1901 – 1905

Delahaye Logo 1901

1905 – 1954

Delahaye Logo

1921 – 1954

Delahaye Logo 1921

The mushroom-shaped logo turns a standard visual style into something unique, adding to the recognizability of this French company’s cars. The emblem is text-based and features two lettering grouped at different levels. At the top is the word “Delahaye.” It is made in capital letters, which decrease from the center to the edges. Geometric glyphs have a red color and are emphasized by a voluminous white outline with black shadows, which makes them more expressive on the white background. On the second line, the country of origin of the brand – “USA” – is indicated in flat black letters.

The mushroom shape is like a highlight. It is not the usual circle or square, which are found everywhere. The red letters at the top are a colorful shout-out, especially with the 3D effect. And right below them is the “USA” lettering, simple but solid, in black.