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Designers created the Delaware Blue Hens logo, which reflects the team names. They depicted a lively and combative blue hen because these birds are famed for their love of fights. However, the cartoonish style suggests that one should not take conflicts seriously, as sports competitions are just games.

Delaware Blue Hens: Brand overview

Newark, Delaware, U.S.
Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens is a sports department that unites 21 university teams. The teams represent the University of Delaware in intercollegiate competitions. The players perform in NCAA Division I. Since 2001, they have participated in the Colonial Athletic Association, winning almost every championship. The name Blue Hens is associated with the eponymous breed of chicken, bred for cockfighting. This bird is considered one of the main symbols of the state of Delaware. It is also used as the university’s mascot and is depicted on almost all sports logos.

Meaning and History

Delaware Blue Hens Logo History

The first emblem, adopted in 1939, resembled an advertising sign. It looked like a blue canvas in a decorative frame. Inside was a white hen with four little chicks. In the upper corner was the inscription “The Blue Hens,” decorated with flourishes and swirls. In 1955, the team acquired an abstract logo. Designers emphasized the letter “D” to denote the home state of the university. Two colors were chosen for the design: blue (main) and yellow (thin outline).

In 1967, the era of the fighting rooster began. At first, it was drawn in full height, but then it was decided to depict only the head. This allowed adding other elements to the emblem: the capital letter “D” (1987-1988), a yellow ring with the inscription “University of Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens” (1999-2008), and the monogram “UD” (since 2009).

What is Delaware Blue Hens?

Delaware Blue Hens (or Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens) is a participant in the intercollegiate program, consisting of 21 teams formed by students of the University of Delaware. The sports faculty is based in Newark, is part of the Colonial Athletic Association, and competes in NCAA Division I (FCS). The athletes have won 22 CAA championships (since 2001).

1939 – 1954

Delaware Blue Hens Logo 1939-1954

1955 – 1966

Delaware Blue Hens Logo 1955-1966

1967 – 1986

Delaware Blue Hens Logo 1967-1986

1987 – 1998

Delaware Blue Hens Logo 1987-1998

1999 – 2008

Delaware Blue Hens Logo 1999-2008

2009 – today

Delaware Blue Hens Logo 2009-Present

Delaware Blue Hens Basketball

Delaware Blue Hens emblem

The men’s basketball team participated in several tournaments but won only once – in the CAA tournament of 2014. The women were luckier: they twice won the CAA conference with a score of 18-0. Also, the Fightin’ Blue Hens female athletes became NCAA champions in 2012 and participated seven times in the Women’s National Invitation Tournament.

Font and Colors

Delaware Blue Hens color codes

Medium Electric BlueHex color:#00539F
RGB:0 83 159
CMYK:100 48 0 38
Pantone:PMS 2945 C
Banana YellowHex color:#ffdd31
RGB:255 221 49
CMYK:0 13 81 0
Pantone:PMS 108 C
YellowHex color:#ffd200
RGB:255 210 0
CMYK:0 18 100 0
Pantone:PMS 109 C