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Delaware Speedway: Brand overview

Delaware Speedway, a renowned racetrack located just west of London, Ontario, Canada, has a rich history spanning more than seven decades. Founded in 1952 as a quarter-mile dirt oval track, it quickly became the center of attention for race fans in the region.

The first speedway race was held in 1953, starting the weekly summer stock car races, and the tradition has continued to this day. The desire for faster racing led to the track being paved in 1960, and the original dirt surface was replaced with a surface more suitable for speedway racing.

Significant changes occurred in 1969 when Delaware Speedway was expanded into a half-mile asphalt oval. This modification opened up new opportunities, and over the following decades, the track hosted races in a variety of prestigious series, including NASCAR, CASCAR, and ACT. The track has hosted such notable drivers as Ron Fellows, Don Biederman, Dave Marcis and Dick Trickle.

At the turn of the millennium, a new era dawned for Delaware Speedway as new owners Tommy Goodge and Peter Goodge took over. Their leadership improved the track’s condition and cemented its status as a premier racing venue.

Today, the spirit of racing thrives at Delaware Speedway, with weekly Friday night stock car races and NASCAR Pinty’s Series races. The 2022 season was particularly notable as it marked the 70th continuous season since the track opened, making it one of the longest continuously operating tracks in Canada.

Delaware Speedway’s sustained presence and constant adaptation have solidified its reputation in Canadian motorsports, maintaining its appeal to racers and spectators alike. It is the site of exciting competition and a symbol of Canada’s rich racing tradition.

Meaning and History

Delaware Speedway Logo History

1985 – today

Delaware Speedway Logo

The logo of the Canadian race track is characterized by a great deal of detail. It includes both graphics and text. The largest element is the top lettering. The letters are black, italicized, extra bold, and block type. By slanting to the right, they effectively convey a sense of speed. The bottom line is a mixture of elements. It begins with a checkered pattern reminiscent of the starting flags at races. The pattern is colored in shades of gray and red, which then transitions into national flag symbols. The final section features the word “Speedway” in bold, blue, plain, and italicized letters.

These black, increasing letters at the top resemble the roar of a car engine gaining speed. Then there’s the checkered pattern that seems to say, “Ready, set, go!”. The colors carry over to the flag, giving it a hometown vibe. “Speedway” is in blue, like an open sky, as you rush around the track. It’s like a mini race day story captured in the logo.