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The Dell logo is a graphic representation of the slogan “turn the world upside down” and the name of the company’s founder. Following modern minimalism, the Dell logo, in two words, conveys the main idea of the brand and communicates dynamism, focusing attention on the name. The skewed letter “E,” created by designers from “Siegel + Gale,” conveys the completeness of the company’s slogan axiom.

Dell: Brand overview

Founded:February 1, 1984
Founder:Michael Dell
Round Rock, Texas, US
Dell is an American computer hardware manufacturer that entered the market in 1984. Its range includes laptops, personal computers, networking equipment, data storage devices, and servers. This private company also produces televisions and MP3 players.

Meaning and History

Dell Logo History

A distinctive feature of Dell’s corporate style is the inverted letter “E.” It has been used in logos since 1989 as a graphic representation of the phrase “turn the world upside down.”

What is Dell?

Dell is an American high-tech company that supplies computers, peripherals, televisions, and networking equipment to the global market. It is part of Dell Technologies, functioning as its brand. As of 2021, this manufacturer ranks second in the world in terms of PC shipments to users. The company’s headquarters is located in Round Rock, Texas.

1984 – 1987

PC's Limited Logo 1984-1987

The corporation’s debut emblem reflects its first name – PC’s Limited. To the left of the inscription, a microchip element is drawn, formed by many thin black stripes.

1987 – 1989

Dell Logo 1987-1989

In 1987, the company was renamed Dell. The rebranding was reflected in the logo: designers depicted large letters “D,” “E,” “L,” and “L” with small sharp serifs and also drew two dark blue lines – one at the top, the other at the bottom.

1989 – 2016

Dell Logo 1989-2016

In 1989, the first version of the emblem with the skewed letter “E” appeared: the blue word “DELL” on a white background. After 2009, this version continued to be used on the boot screens of computers with Windows 7.

2010 – 2016

Dell Logo 2010-2016

From 2010, the brand name gradually changed. Designers placed the inscription in a dark blue ring, keeping the previous font with the inverted letter “E.”

2016 – today

Dell Logo 2016-present

After merging with EMC Corporation, the company updated its logo again. The letters became thinner, but the proportions remained unchanged.

Dell: Interesting Facts

Dell Technologies, often called Dell, is a big name in the tech world. It’s known for selling technology products directly to people.

  1. Starting Small: Michael Dell founded the company in 1984 in his college dorm room at the University of Texas at Austin. He had just $1,000 and first called the company PC’s Limited.
  2. Selling Directly: Dell was one of the first to sell computers directly to customers, making them to order. This was a smart way to keep costs down and sell for less than others.
  3. Growing Fast: In the late ’80s and ’90s, Dell grew fast and was the top PC maker by 2001. Its smart ways of managing supplies and selling directly helped a lot.
  4. Caring for the Planet: Dell tries to be good to the environment by recycling old electronics and using recycled stuff in its packaging and products.
  5. More Than PCs: Dell started with personal computers but now sells servers, storage, networking products, software, and more.
  6. Going Private: In 2013, Michael Dell and Silver Lake Partners bought out Dell for $24.9 billion to make big changes without worrying about stock market pressures.
  7. Buying EMC Corporation: In 2016, Dell bought EMC Corporation for about $67 billion, one of the biggest tech deals, adding many new products and services.
  8. Smart Manufacturing: Dell is smart about making and moving its products, using a system that keeps inventory low to cut costs.
  9. Helping Customers: Dell works hard on customer service, offering help online through forums, live chat, and tools to figure out problems.
  10. Helping Others: Dell’s charity work supports health, education, and relief efforts, especially for children.

Dell’s story is about starting small, thinking smart, and caring for customers and the planet.

Font and Colors

Dell Emblem

Dell’s branding is characterized by minimalism. Designers managed to express the ideological spirit of the brand with just one word, highlight its name, and convey dynamism. The letter “E” is tilted to the left and stands on the edge, making it resemble a diamond.

Dell Symbol

The logo uses a sans-serif font. The inscription and the circle contour are colored in dark blue.

Dell color codes

Star Command BlueHex color:#007db8
RGB:4 125 184
CMYK:100 32 0 28
Pantone:PMS 7461 C