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A wide range of services, tremendous outlook, and comprehensive accessibility is what the Deluxe Digital Studios logo conveys. The simple design hides several important meanings, including the concept of the media company. The striking design and the right style of the identity made it well recognized and brought it to the forefront.

Deluxe Digital Studios: Brand overview

Founder:William Fox
Burbank, California, United States
Deluxe Digital Studios is a media corporation based in the United States that provides film processing and distribution services. She works with advertising agencies, digital content distributors, TV studios, and film groups. The company has been awarded 10 Academy Awards for its progressive achievements. Its founder is producer William Fox. Year of opening – 1915. Headquarters – Burbank, California. Two more central offices are in Los Angeles and New York. There are also representations in 25 media markets in other countries.

Meaning and History

Deluxe Digital Studios Logo History

Deluxe Digital Studios began with a film processing lab. At the dawn of the 20th century, it was included in the structure of a large conglomerate, which was under the leadership of William Fox, who was its owner. Then, a department became part of the Fox Film Corporation and was located in Fort Lee, New Jersey. This happened in 1915.

The new service established its studio in Sunset and Western (Hollywood) about a year later. A film lab was erected on the western coast. In 1919, she moved into the new Fox studio facility in the Manhattan area for more than forty years. During the American Great Depression, the film corporation that owned the lab ran into serious financial problems, after which it was bought by Alan E. Freedman and renamed Deluxe. This event is dated 1932.

Then the company began to prosper, and it had two factories. In 1936, the Fox Film Corporation took over the film lab again, leaving the former owner (Freedman) in charge. It is now a huge structure with many specialized technologies and innovations and several symbols of visual identity. They changed every time a serious step was taken in restructuring the studio. In the early 2000s, the authoritative media group experienced a rebirth.

What is Deluxe Digital Studios?

Deluxe Digital Studios is an American film processing and distribution company. Its services are aimed at film groups, television studios, advertising agencies, and digital film distributors. The year of its foundation is 1915. The founder is William Fox. The headquarters is located in Burbank, California. It also has offices in Los Angeles and New York.

2002 – 2016

Deluxe Digital Studios Logo 2002

Introduced in 2002, the Deluxe Digital Studios logo was notable for its simplicity. It had only one graphic element – a large red circle. It served as a background for the first word from the name of the film concern – “deluxe.” The second part of the name occupied the middle line, the third – the bottom. If we focus on the size of the inscriptions, then the central fragment was the largest: the word “digital” was typed in super bold, although it consisted of lowercase characters. But “STUDIOS,” on the contrary, was in the upper case, but it was made in thin and small letters, which covered only half of the higher inscription, starting under “i.” The palette was classic – black on white with red elements.

2013 – today

Deluxe Digital Studios Logo 2013

In 2013, another logo was approved – also red-black-and-white, but in a different format. Its structure differs significantly from the debut version. It has just one bold dot with a blurry edge that looks like a pixel mosaic assembled from miniature peas. Only one word is left from the name – “deluxe.” It is still in lowercase and is colored white. The font is grotesque and smooth, with oblique cuts at “d,” “u,” and “l.”

2017 – today

Deluxe Digital Studios Logo

This is the latest version of the Deluxe Digital Studios logo. It has been modernized and even more simplified. The designers removed the fill inside the circle, leaving it only around the edges. Therefore, we got a red ring with an inscription in the middle at the end. The text part is the same – the developers did not correct anything in it, except for the palette (they replaced the white color with red). The uniform thickness of the letters and the frame make the icon very balanced.

Font and Colors

Deluxe Digital Studios Symbol

Despite the variety of logos, they are almost identical. Everywhere there is a circle and an inscription in the center. If in earlier versions they were accompanied by other elements, now this is not observed. The design is extremely concise and restrained, which testifies to the increased professionalism of the film company.

The first logo has several types of fonts. The word “Digital” is set in a combination of Core Sans N 93 Ex Black and Pragmatica Extended Black. For “Deluxe,” a personal typeface reminiscent of the Saxony Serial Heavy is used. The inscription “Studios” is made in a subtle grotesque. In other cases, preference is given to a font close to Avalon Bold by FontSite Inc. or Stolzl Bold by The Northern Block but with diagonal cut tops. The corporate palette is restrained and consists of three colors: red, white, and black.

Deluxe Digital Studios color codes

Spanish RedHex color:#e31f2e
RGB:227 31 46
CMYK:0 86 80 11
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C