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Devon Motorworks: Brand overview

Founded by entrepreneur Scott Devon in 2008 in Los Angeles, California, Devon Motorworks has embarked on an ambitious mission to create unique, high-end automobiles for affluent collectors and enthusiasts. By acquiring existing marques and automotive platforms from major manufacturers, Devon Motorworks planned to rework them and turn them into exclusive models.

A key moment for the company came in 2009 when it made a single offer and obtained the rights to produce the Dodge Viper. After filing for bankruptcy, Chrysler discontinued this sports car, and Devon Motorworks saw an opportunity to acquire the Viper assets. The plan was to restart production and modernize this iconic car under a new brand.

However, hopes for a Viper revival came crashing down in 2010 when Chrysler decided to retain the rights and restart production internally, nullifying Devon’s offer. This setback proved to be beyond the strength of the fledgling company.

Without the Viper, Devon Motorworks found itself in a difficult position and was unable to bring a single vehicle to market. The company created several concept cars but was never able to produce a single finished model.

By 2013, Devon Motorworks was forced to close its doors after about five years of no finished cars. The history of the company shows a bold but unsuccessful attempt to breathe new life into an American sports car legend during a time of economic downturn and upheaval in the automotive industry.

Meaning and History

Devon Motorworks Logo History

2008 – 2013

Devon Motorworks Logo

The Devon Motorworks logo is mostly technically oriented, but it is not lacking in creativity. It shows a tall quadrangle twisted in the form of a spiral. The twisting takes place right in the center. One side of the geometric figure is completely smooth and white, while the other side has thin lines reflected on the adjacent surface. The red circle, framed in a light color, resembles a car headlight made of glass, as it shows reflections of light.

The quadrilateral looks like one of the figures trying to give the drawing a three-dimensional and stunning look. The spiral turn in the middle resembles a steep plot twist, something unexpected and eye-catching. One side of the drawing is very clean, and the other side has all these lines like you’re starting to draw out the details in your drawing. The red circle is like the shiny headlights of a bicycle, sticking out and making you take notice. It’s a logo that’s all about making technical stuff look cool.