The DFSK logo represents a manufacturer that has harnessed the primal strength of metal. The emblem’s elements show speed, quick acceleration, and endurance. The company’s vehicles can conquer any road without delay.

DFSK: Brand overview

2003 Dongfeng Sokon Automobile Co. was established due to significant cooperation between Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Sokon Industry Group (later known as Seres Group). Shiyang City in Hubei Province was chosen as the base for this enterprise. By 2005, the production of minibusses and mini-trucks began at the production facilities in Shiyang. 2009 was marked by the entry into the passenger vehicle market under the brand Xiaokang with a minibus S500.

2011 was a turning point for the company: it opened a new production site in Chongqing. Then, the company began to develop the SUV segment under the brand Fengguang. The following year, the company entered the market in Vietnam, having opened its sales division there. The dynamics continued to grow, and by 2014, DFSK produced an impressive 200 thousand vehicles per year at its four plants. The expansion of production was complemented by the production of new models, such as the Glory 560 SUV.

2015 marked the company’s entry into international markets: vehicles were delivered to regions such as South America, the Middle East, and Africa. Thanks to this increase in demand, annual production exceeded 300,000 vehicles. By 2017, the company had improved its model lineup with better versions of vans and SUVs and marked an annual production volume of more than 400,000 vehicles.

In 2018, Dongfeng sold its 50% stake in DFSK, giving Seres Group full ownership. Following this, DFSK strengthened its presence in the global market by opening offices in countries such as Indonesia and Brazil in 2019. However, an unforeseen global pandemic in 2020 caused a temporary delay, reducing production to 320,000 vehicles. But in 2022, DFSK showed resilience by introducing new electric vehicles that integrated Seres’ advanced technologies. Remarkably, in the same year, they returned to pre-pandemic figures.

Meaning and History

DFSK Logo History

2003 – today


The Dongfeng logo means “wind blowing from the east” in Chinese. Designer Ai Dekun created the DFSK logo with two swallows flying in the spring wind. The swallows’ silhouettes, enclosed in a white circle, resemble an automobile wheel, symbolizing movement.

Each swallow resembles the Chinese character “人,” which means “people,” showing the brand’s focus on customer satisfaction. The swallows represent motion and connect to the brand’s roots.

The logo features the abbreviation “DFSK” in a bold, dark gray, black, and red stencil format. These colors provide depth and align with traditional automotive branding.

The overall design captures elegance and fluidity. The rotating swallows enhance the sense of movement, reflecting the brand’s essence. The shape of the swallows adds meaning, making the logo visually appealing and significant.

The dark gray, black, and red colors create a strong visual impact while maintaining a classic look. These colors make the logo bold and visible in the market.

The DFSK logo combines cultural symbolism with modern design elements. The swallows, the nod to the Chinese character for “people,” and the color scheme work together to create a logo that aligns with the brand’s values and origins.