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Diar Motors logo features a distinctive design, an intriguing medley of red stripes that form abstract geometric shapes. Thanks to the applied gradient, these stripes possess unique plasticity, flexibility, and three-dimensionality. Below these shapes, the word “DIAR” is displayed, generating a similar visual effect but in a more calming turquoise hue. The slanted letters suggest a sensation of smooth gliding.

The red stripes in the emblem capture attention and exude a dynamism that aligns well with the automotive industry. Red is often linked to energy, strength, and passion—all vital traits in a sector that thrives on innovation and performance. The plasticity and volume in these shapes are far from accidental; they reflect the adaptability and responsiveness crucial in automotive design and technology.

The gradients employed in the red stripes add depth, making the shapes seem to come to life. This lends a tactile quality to the emblem, enhancing its visual appeal. Gradients often indicate a range or spectrum, subtly implying that the brand offers a variety of options to its customers, meeting different needs and preferences.

The word “DIAR,” set in turquoise, creates a stark yet harmonious contrast with the red stripes. Turquoise often symbolizes calmness and sophistication, qualities many consumers look for in a vehicle. This hue balances the energetic red, suggesting that while Diar Motors specializes in dynamic and high-performance vehicles, it prioritizes comfort and a refined driving experience.

The diagonal orientation of the letters in “DIAR” exudes motion and fluidity. It resonates with the notion of travel, of moving forward without hindrance—a characteristic highly valued in automobiles. The smooth gliding suggested by the slant adds an extra layer of meaning: it’s not just about speed but also the quality of the journey.

The emblem operates on multiple levels, integrating visual drama, emotional resonance, and symbolic depth. Every element, from the color choices to the forms and typography, has been carefully chosen to reflect the brand’s core values and offerings. It’s a visual narrative that encapsulates dynamism, flexibility, and customer-centric design, making it an apt representation of the brand’s identity in the automotive market.

Diar Motors: Brand overview

Golpayegan, Esfahan Province, Iran
Established in 2000, the Diar Automobile Company, located in Golpayegan, Iran, began its journey by producing SUVs and pickup trucks. These were manufactured under a licensing agreement with China’s renowned automaker, Great Wall Motor.

Soon after its inception in the early years of the 21st century, Diar began venturing into creating vehicles of its design. The Safir, an SUV, was their inaugural independent creation. Intriguingly, this model bore the same name as one of Iran’s indigenous rockets. While the foundation of Diar’s production remained rooted in the licensed models from Great Wall Motor, their in-house designs began to find their place in the market.

As the years passed, Diar steadily secured its position among the prominent car manufacturers of Iran. They focused on developing vehicles tailored to cater to the Iranian audience, emphasizing durable SUVs and pickups. A significant milestone was achieved in 2013 when Diar unveiled a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This testament to its growth indicated its aspiration to venture into international markets by boosting its production and export capabilities.

Fast forward to 2023, Diar’s portfolio boasts a diverse range of SUVs, pickup trucks, and commercial vehicles catering primarily to the Iranian audience. Although the automotive giants Iran Khodro and SAIPA dominate the Iranian market, Diar has distinguished itself by offering cost-effective utility vehicles.

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