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The DIM Motor logo appears as a typical automotive symbol, featuring a gray ring intersected by a horizontal rectangle of the same color. Centered within is the white abbreviation “DIM” from the left side, extending three lines of varying lengths, a stylized wing representation. This implies that the vehicles are built for speed, as if “flying” down the road. With the brand’s Greek origins, the wing also evokes connections to gods and heroes of ancient Greece.

The gray foundational elements of the emblem carry meaning. Gray is often associated with balance and neutrality; it’s neither black nor white. This color choice sets a professional tone while avoiding the vitality of more vivid shades. Gray is also seen as sophisticated and can imply that the brand is established and dignified. This choice of a subdued palette ensures that the focus remains on the abbreviation “DIM” and the three lines that form a stylized wing.

The wing element is the key focal point. Wings symbolize freedom, speed, and aspiration. They indicate not only the high-speed capabilities of the vehicles but also a soaring ambition, encapsulating the company’s drive to elevate its offerings continually. Given that DIM Motor has roots in Greek culture, these wings also add another layer of interpretation, drawing parallels to myths involving gods and heroes of ancient Greece, who often sport wings to signify divinity or extraordinary capabilities.

The white color of the abbreviation serves as a vivid contrast to the gray, enhancing visibility and recognition. White is universally recognized as a color that signifies purity and perfection, qualities the brand aims to achieve in its automotive offerings.

The horizontal rectangle that intersects the ring breaks the visual space, creating a distinctive silhouette that is easily recognizable even from a distance. Its presence offers structural integrity to the overall design, indicating that while the brand may aim for lofty heights—symbolized by the wing—it also has a grounded, solid foundation.

The artistry in this emblem conveys a compelling narrative about the brand’s vision and values. From its color choices to its shapes and symbolism, the design components work together to project an image of sophistication, speed, and a connection to a storied cultural past. It’s an effective way to convey the functional attributes and the deeper ethos of a brand committed to merging speed with heritage.

DIM Motor: Brand overview

Founded:1977 – 1982
Founder:Georgios Dimitriadis
The DIM Motor Company has an intriguing history rooted in the ambitions of its founder, Georgios Dimitriadis. Before the inception of DIM, Dimitriadis had been associated with Bioplastic S.A., a company renowned for its Attica automobile. The company initially aimed to utilize a 400cc 2-cylinder engine they developed in-house when powering the new DIM car. However, unforeseen delays meant they had to resort to Fiat engines.

In 1977, the world got its first glimpse of the DIM car at the Geneva Motor Show, where it sported a 600cc Fiat engine. Not long after, DIM introduced an enhanced model with a more powerful 650cc Fiat engine. Their vision was grand – they envisioned rolling out their cars from a production facility in Acharnes, Greece. They even teased the market with prospects of multiple versions, including a sports coupe.

Advertisements filled the Greek media, fueling anticipation. Yet, the Greek automobile market landscape and high production costs proved challenging. With only about ten cars ever seeing the light of day, it became clear that sustaining production wasn’t feasible. By 1982, Dimitriadis decided to wind down his automotive dream, marking the end of DIM Motor Company.

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