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The Dina logo is large and impressive, just like the machinery the company produces. Amid the dust of the roads, the brand’s buses and trucks stand out, representing a new standard in design and technical equipment.

Dina: Brand overview

In 1951, the Mexican federal government initiated the inception of a company known as Diesel Nacional S.A., or DINA, primarily aiming to manufacture trucks and buses. This venture started by constructing models under licenses granted by globally recognized manufacturers like Fiat, Renault, and Chrysler.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, DINA broadened its operational scope by entering strategic partnerships with prominent companies like Marcopolo, Cummins, and MCI—this collaborative effort aimed to produce buses catering to the local Mexican market and potential export avenues.

The winds of change blew in 1989 when DINA transitioned from a public to a private enterprise. Grupo Empresarial G completed the company’s acquisition, signifying a new chapter in its corporate narrative.

The next decade saw DINA tread into new territories of innovation. Collaborating with the BMW Group Mexico, a subsidiary of BMW, DINA embarked on creating its unique truck designs and technology. This significant move heralded the brand’s shift from manufacturing licensed designs to crafting its proprietary models.

Fast forward to the present, DINA’s primary focus lies in manufacturing buses. The spectrum of its production encompasses vehicles for urban commuting, domestic long-distance travel, and units for export. The heart of its production operations beats in Ciudad Sahagún, Hidalgo.

Throughout its existence, DINA has achieved several noteworthy milestones. In 1958, it proudly launched Mexico’s first domestically manufactured diesel engine. In the 1970s, the company broke new ground by unveiling the country’s first double-decker bus. 2013, DINA continued its pioneer tradition by introducing Latin America’s first electric bus prototype.

Meaning and History

Dina Logo History

What is Dina?

Established in 1951, Diesel Nacional S.A. de C.V., also known as DINA, has stood at the forefront of Mexico’s bus and truck production sector. Originally founded by the Mexican government in 1989, the company’s ownership has shifted to Grupo Empresarial G and its subsidiary companies while consistently maintaining high regard and popularity in the industry. The operational hub of DINA, a Mexican corporation, resides in the vibrant city of Ciudad Sahagún, located within the scenic Hidalgo state.

1951 – today

The emblem of Dina features bold red letters with a simple design. This look symbolizes the strength and reliability of the company’s heavy vehicles. Each letter in the logo resembles a giant vehicle, emphasizing their transportation’s impressive size and power.

The name “Dina” is short for Diesel Nacional, reflecting the company’s origins and specialization. The letter “D” in the logo is cut through with two road stripes stretching into the distance, highlighting the purpose of Dina’s products for long trips and transportation over large distances. These stripes symbolize the roads on which the company’s buses and trucks transport goods and passengers daily, showcasing their reliability and durability.

The red letters add dynamism and energy to the logo, reflecting the company’s constant movement and activity in the transportation industry. The Dina emblem represents strength and stability, focusing on long-distance travel, a key feature of their products.