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The Divco logo hails from the last century and is styled retro. It features the brand name in silver letters with a metallic sheen. The letters grow larger towards the center and taper off at the edges to fit the shape of the oval in which the word is set. A deep maroon is the backdrop, making the bright inscription stand out. Surrounding the emblem is a thin, shiny frame.

One of the defining characteristics of the emblem is its silver lettering. Silver is often associated with sophistication, quality, and modernity. It adds a touch of elegance, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to quality and fine craftsmanship. The metallic sheen further amplifies this, adding dimension and texture to the overall design, catching light in a way that demands attention.

The maroon background against which the silver letters are set serves multiple purposes. Maroon often signifies trustworthiness and reliability. By selecting this color, the brand wants to project an image of stability and dependability. The color contrast between the silver lettering and maroon background is deliberate, ensuring visibility and instant brand recognition. It conveys the brand’s unique identity and makes a statement that is hard to overlook.

The letters of the brand name adopt an interesting geometry; they grow larger as they approach the center and shrink towards the edges. This draws the viewer’s gaze towards the logo’s middle, creating a focal point. It’s not just an aesthetic choice but one that carries meaning. The varying size of the letters encapsulates the brand’s adaptability and dynamic nature, illustrating how Divco evolves but remains anchored in its core values.

The oval shape housing the letters brings its own set of symbolism. Ovals are often associated with unity, completeness, and eternal life. This fits well with the brand’s history and commitment to community and customer satisfaction.

The inclusion of a thin, shiny frame ties the entire design together. It adds an extra layer of sophistication, serving as the proverbial cherry on top. This frame defines the boundary of the emblem, but it also points to the attention to detail in every aspect of the brand’s product and service offerings.

The emblem’s simplicity and elegance communicate the brand’s rich history, dedication to quality, and unwavering reliability. Its colors, shape, and typography all work harmoniously to tell the story of a brand that knows its identity and stands by its reputation.

Divco: Brand overview

Founded: 1926 – 1992
Founder: Georgre Bacon
Unitede States
Originating in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, the Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company began its journey in 1926. A mere sixteen years later, in 1942, they streamlined their name, becoming commonly known as Divco. The company made a niche by focusing on multi-stop delivery trucks, instantly recognizable due to their unique cab-over-engine configuration. This design was optimized for frequent stops, making these vehicles ideal for milk and dairy deliveries.

In the initial years, during the late 1920s, Divco’s foundational designs were heavily influenced by the Model T Ford chassis, which subsequently evolved into the Model A by 1929—the following decade witnessed the launch of bigger truck models, such as the Model U and Model S, which were built leveraging Dodge and Chevrolet chassis.

The impact of World War II characterized the 1940s. Divco, like many industries of the time, pivoted from their standard production line and contributed to the war effort by manufacturing vehicular parts and essentials for the military. However, the post-war years, specifically the 1950s, were prosperous for Divco. They rolled out the Model 320, which quickly became a flagship product, with over 75,000 units produced over the subsequent decade.

The 1960s marked Divco’s foray into a broader range of commercial vehicles, including the Divco Delivery Van. By the 1970s, despite a change in ownership when the management team bought a segment of the company in 1975, Divco stayed true to its roots by releasing modern versions of its quintessential delivery trucks.

However, the 1980s were less kind to Divco. The challenges of fierce competition and dwindling demand took their toll. By 1986, the last of Divco’s iconic trucks rolled off the assembly line, and a year later, in 1987, the company’s assets were liquidated, marking the end of an era.

Meaning and History

Divco Logo History

1926 – 1986

Divco Logo 1926

1986 – 1992

Divco Logo