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The prosperity of democracy in the United States affirms the DNC logo. It is freedom of speech and equality of rights that help the country move forward. Concern for the future can be traced in every emblem of the party. The sign indicates balanced and deliberate decisions.

DNC: Brand overview

Founder:Democratic National Committee
United States
DNC (Democratic National Convention) is a nationwide event that is a series of presidential agreements on the nomination of candidates for key leadership positions in the United States. It was founded in 1832 and has been held regularly since then. Since 1852, it has been governed by the Democratic National Committee. Its main task is to formally nominate candidates for two critical positions – President and Vice President. The meeting also approves the party platform and unites the party. It thereby completes the primary election period and kicks off the general election campaign phase.

Meaning and History

DNC Logo History

This event is the basis for the election of the President of the United States and is held every four years. It is organized according to a strict scenario, but there are exceptions. For example, 2020 became such a year in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. All games have replaced the usual conventions with short online performances.

The meeting took place from August 17 to 20 at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and throughout the country. The convention was shorter than usual and was held remotely on a reduced program every day. During the meetings, the candidates for President and Vice President of the United States – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (California Senator) were formally selected and approved.

In fact, in 2020, the congress was virtual. A roll call was conducted from the Wisconsin Center headquarters, and a limited number of papers were submitted. Key candidates spoke remotely from the Waterfront Chase Center and Wilmington, Delaware. The symbols of the Democratic National Convention change frequently: it is updated at the next end of the 4-year presidency and when the next elections are necessary.

What is DNC?

DNC is an abbreviation for the Democratic National Convention. These gatherings determine the candidate who will represent the party in future presidential elections. Delegates also outline their political goals and express opinions on various issues. These conventions are held every four years. In addition to party members, various celebrities, journalists, and activists are invited to speak.


Democratic National Convention Logo 2012

The logo of the period consists of an impromptu circle. Its upper part is a light blue arch, which denotes the universal unifying sky, and the lower one is the red silhouettes of people, personifying the people. At the same time, the lower half of the circle is wider than the upper one due to the specifics of the human figures shown above the waist. Despite the sketchiness, it is seen that some of those present are attentively listening to the speakers’ speech, others are looking closely at their surroundings, and still, others raised their hands in solidarity.

There are several inscriptions under the icon, arranged in three lines and executed in the grotesque font. The top is 2012 Democratic, the middle is National Convention, and the bottom is Charlotte, North Carolina. The first two rows are blue, the third red.


Democratic National Convention Logo 2016

That year the emblem was combined: the designers put the text and graphic parts together. It looks like large lettering in thin caps sans serif. The first two upper rows are occupied by the traditional words “2016 Democratic”, the middle – “National Convention.” Below they are broken off by a thin line, under which the small print says “Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | July 25 – 28 “. Instead of “0”, the year “2016” is used as a key symbol of the American struggle for independence – Liberty Bell. The colors of the logo are rich – cobalt and dark red.


Democratic National Convention Logo 2020

The emblem of this period is composite: it includes more elements than before because it has four lines and three icons. The first is a dark blue “D” aligned with a five-pointed star on the side beam. Its central part is painted in light blue and is stylized as an arrow pointing to the right. The other two rays look like miniature white triangles. The second icon is the number “2”; the third is “0” with a central part in a US map. Below them is the phrase “Democratic National Convention,” where each word is highlighted in a separate line. The fourth row contains the name of the city of Milwaukee.

Font and Colors

DNC Emblem

There is no design consistency in DNC logos. Each year, a unique version is used, created specifically for a specific event of a particular year. The only thing that unites them all is the sequence: they change every four years when the next president of the United States is elected.

Typefaces vary, but sleek sans serif fonts have dominated in recent years. This is because they are more readable and visible even with a cursory glance. The 2020 election campaign uses a variant reminiscent of the Bw Nista International Extra Bold with minimal changes.

DNC Symbol

The official palette is also different. Usually, red and blue of several shades predominate, as well as white. This fact is explained by the presence of these colors in the US national flag.

DNC color codes

Iris BlueHex color:#00abe2
RGB:0 171 226
CMYK:100 24 0 11
Pantone:PMS 801 C
TangaroaHex color:#001e3e
RGB:0 30 62
CMYK:100 52 0 76
Pantone:PMS 282 C