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Fire and roar erupt from the exhaust pipe of this machine like flames from the furnaces of hell. The feeling of strength, power, pressure, and danger creates the Dodge Demon logo. The car has no equal; it cannot even be compared with any technology representative.

Dodge Demon: Brand overview

United States
The Dodge Demon is an ultra-powerful muscle car from Chrysler’s American car company. It was presented in the spring of 2017 at the New York Auto Show, although it did not appear for the first time: its unsuccessful prototype was released back in 1971. It is a limited edition wide-body Challenger SRT Hellcat, which stopped its release after 2018. The manufacturer has only put 3,300 units on the market and is now trying to convert the turbocharged devil car into its Hellcat Redeye counterpart.

Meaning and History

Dodge Demon Logo History

This car has come and gone. This is how it is referred to abroad since it all began in the distant 1971 and ended literally in 1972. The first Dodge Demon was an updated Dodge Dart, based on the Plymouth Duster platform. That car was called Chrysler LLC and belonged to the Dodge lineup. The debut version came out in a batch of 11,000 and was offered in two versions: a six-cylinder inclined and an eight-cylinder. Engine displacement was also a choice of 198 or 318 cubic inches. The style and body-color changed. But that year, the exhaust requirements were updated, so the “stuffing” of the car had to be redesigned.

Still, it was not the same Demon. The manufacturer sold a few hundred units and scrapped the project for forty-five years. In 2017, he decided to bring the Demon back to the roads because it had modern technologies that allowed it to make a “correct” but powerful engine. As a result, a reimagined muscle car entered the arena: an 840 horsepower motor, 6.2-liter capacity, eight cylinders, turbocharged, 770 Nm of torque. It has become the best in many respects among the production brands: super-powerful, super-speed, with a quick start in 2.3 seconds and a quarter-mile jerk in 9.65 seconds. Anyway, those were the characteristics that got it banned. Again. The NHRA vetoed it because of its devilishly high speed.

Dodge Demon Symbol

Also, the Dodge Demon has the highest overload capacity and can ride on the rear wheel. However, the 3,300 units of the car produced were limited to that number. The batch turned out to be a limited edition, and the sports car once again retired from the transportation scene of the muscle car scene. Now its eye-catching logo sarcastically looks at the surrounding people from the body and every detail of the car because the manufacturer put a damn black mark on almost all elements. Though originally, the series wanted to be called the Dodge Beaver. However, the word turned out to be too slangy and incorrect in all countries.

The very first variant of the car had an anime-style logo: a miniature red devil standing among yellow letters. He smiled slyly and held a trident, which replaced the lowercase “m” in the word “demon.” So, designer Keven Carter, who was reviving the emblem in 2017-2018, was also based on the cartoon image and suggested a lot of sketches with this character. But at the presentation, the experts at Dodge Studio rejected his versions. They asked to make the visual identity sign more devilish – scary, like the Hellcat symbolism.

As a result, the author removed the body and used only the head, focusing on the demonic expression of the face. The black contour lines that form Satan were just right, as they look sinister against the red background. Mark Trostle (head of design at Dodge and SRT) said they chose the logo from 50 options. Then they marked with it almost every detail of the body and interior: it is literally on everything – from the torpedo to the fender. And not only that: the logo was even used to mark the extra equipment, which the owners could get for just one dollar. This way, the manufacturer emphasized the sinister character of everything that is connected with Dodge Demon.

Dodge Demon: Interesting Facts

The Dodge Demon, also known as the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, is a beast of a car produced by Dodge for the 2018 model year. It quickly won over car lovers with its incredible speed and bold look.

  1. Speed Records: When it came out, the Demon was the world’s fastest accelerating production car, hitting 60 mph in just 2.3 seconds and completing a quarter-mile in 9.65 seconds at 140 mph.
  2. Powerful Engine: It boasts a 6.2-liter HEMI V8 engine with 840 horsepower and 770 lb-ft of torque on 100-octane fuel, making it the strongest production V8 at the time.
  3. Rare Find: Only 3,300 Demons were made in 2018, making it a rare collectible today.
  4. Drag Race Dream: The Demon is the first production car built with drag racing in mind, featuring specialized components like a TransBrake for faster starts, a drag mode suspension, and special tires.
  5. Massive Hood Scoop: At 45.2 square inches, it has the biggest functional hood scoop on any production car, helping the engine breathe better.
  6. Shedding Weight: Buyers could opt for a lighter setup with just the driver’s seat, removing over 200 pounds. Extra seats could be added back for $1 each.
  7. Track Restrictions: Because of its incredible speed, some tracks require the Demon to have extra safety features, like a roll cage, to race.
  8. Custom Performance Kit: Each Demon can come with a “Demon Crate” full of performance parts and tools for drag racing, including narrow front wheels and a performance powertrain control module.
  9. Affordable Excellence: The Demon’s price initially started at $84,995, a good deal for such a powerful car. Its rarity has since made it more expensive on the resale market.
  10. Cultural Phenomenon: The Demon has left its mark beyond the automotive world, appearing in video games, music videos, and social media.

The Dodge Demon pushes the limits of what a street-legal car can do, impacting car design and performance culture.

Font and Colors

Dodge Demon Emblem

The emblem contains no text, just a picture of a grinning devil’s head with sharp horns. The official palette is also limited and includes a bloody black color, which looks intimidating against the background of the red muscle car.

Dodge Demon color codes

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CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C