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Dodge Hellcat Logo

Dodge Hellcat Logo
Dodge Hellcat Logo PNG

Dodge Hellcat is a muscle car with a high-power engine. It has several modifications that have different characteristics. The first model appeared in 2014. It was a real record holder, covering a quarter-mile in 10.8 seconds. The latest addition to the line is the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye. After its release in 2021, it received the status of the world’s fastest sedan. All variants are equipped with UConnect and a wide touchscreen as standard.

Meaning and History

Dodge Hellcat Logo History
Evolution of the Dodge Hellcat Logo

What is Dodge Hellcat?

These are Dodge muscle cars, which have one of the most powerful engines – the Hellcat. The very first engine of this type was installed in the Dodge Challenger SRT. Many models belong to this series.

The original Hellcat used a super-powerful 707-horsepower Hemi V-8 engine. At first, the engineers wanted to achieve 600 hp – enough to get ahead of the competition. But then it became known that Ford also plans to release a model with 600 hp.

The stakes have risen sharply: the developers have promised Dodge executives to increase the power to 675 hp., without increasing fuel consumption, but at this time themselves undertook to create an engine of 700 liters. At least that’s what everyone in the band thought. And only the powertrain team knew that the new city car would have a record 707bhp.

Everything related to the project was kept secret. The numbers were not disclosed even within the company. As a result, the speed that the first Hellcats developed came as a surprise for both too fast-driving fans and the developers themselves. Moreover, it did not decrease at maximum power because Dodge decided not to use security software. The price of the muscle car turned out to be surprisingly affordable, because of which the demand jumped significantly.

To mark the uniqueness of the heavy-duty vehicles, the manufacturer named the new model Hellcat after the American Grumman F6F Hellcat fighter jet. This word can mean a witch or a temperamental person, which suits a machine equally well. The logo also aligns with the concept: it features a stylized cat’s head – probably a cougar, panther, or jaguar.

Dodge Hellcat Symbol

From an artistic point of view, the graphic sign of a car brand is very simple. The designers used several black lines to form the animal’s outline and express the emotion of aggression. The cat hisses menacingly, showing sharp fangs and squinting eyes. The ears are pressed tightly to the head, which indicates a readiness to pounce on the enemy.

There are many angles in the drawing: they are at the ends of the lines, at the nose, chin, ears, eyes, and even on the forehead. This geometry creates the illusion of movement, which is enhanced by the open contour in the neck area. In addition, the sharp angle conveys the aggressive mood of the predator. The emblem symbolizes dynamics, power, and strength. It is not for nothing that the cars bear the name of a military fighter plane and break records for maximum speed in the muscle car class.

All Hellcat models share a common logo created in 2014. It has never changed since the first 707 hp model was presented to the public. Therefore, it is very easy to recognize the corporate symbol: it is distinguished by the characteristic style of the image and the complete absence of inscriptions.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Dodge Hellcat Emblem

The Hellcat logo does not need word additions because a graphic sign can even identify a brand. As for the color palette, it is as minimalistic as the composition. In the hand-drawn 2D version, all the lines are black, and the background is white. However, on vehicles, the logo colors may vary.