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The simple style is modern and versatile because it is perfectly compatible with any media. Therefore, the Doosan logo is visible not only on banners but also on smartphone miniature displays. It’s dynamic, business-like, and minimalist. It has well-balanced corners and roundings. Smooth lines bring them together, helping to focus on the identity.

Doosan: Brand overview

Founded: 1896
Founder: Park Seung-jik
Seoul, South Korea
Doosan is a Korean corporation that was founded in 1896 by Pak Seung-jik. Specializes in many industries, including creating a power plant, developing construction equipment, etc. Today, it is considered one of the most sought-after in the world, as evidenced by millions of customers from more than 100 countries.

Meaning and History

Doosan Symbol

Visual recognition of the brand is at a high level, thanks to a simple and concise logo and development in all major industries. For all the time, the target audience was presented with two versions of the Doosan logo. They practically did not differ from each other, just one was more voluminous and visually attractive, and the basis of the second was minimalism.

The traditional version of the logo consists of a blue word inscription on a white background. The brand name “Doosan” is in all caps using the classic bold sans-serif. Looking closely, you can see that all the letters in the word have a slight slope to the right. Thus, the logo looks more unique and attractive. Therefore, the company tries to stand out from the competition.

What is Doosan?

This is one of the world’s largest corporations that specializes in producing heavy equipment. More than a century of experience and significant market success demonstrate the company’s significant progress.

A more progressive and modern logo is now actively used by the company for promotional purposes, as the unique style attracts the attention of potential Doosan customers. It is bright, but at the same time, it is not overloaded with unnecessary details and is easily perceived by the target audience.

It consists of a word inscription with the name “Doosan,” which is located on three square blocks of different colors and at different angles. The verbal inscription in its writing style does not differ from the classic version. However, the blue letters have been replaced with white ones, which makes the brand name more friendly. A minimalistic sans-serif lettering and additional elements look harmonious and progressive against an unusual background.

If we talk about a square background, then these are green, cyan, and blue blocks that overlap each other but are independent elements. They directly personify warmth, reliability, and rationality. It is on these components that the company’s activity is formed, and it is through this approach that Doosan chooses to interact with the target audience.

Also, these squares can be personified as a representation of the corporation’s employees and its customers. Human potential is the basis for developing such large companies as Doosan.

Font and Colors

Doosan Emblem

The logo used the same classic bold sans-serif font with elegant lines in the characters. A slight slant to the right indicates the use of italics and looks elegant and progressive. The font is one of the “chips” of the corporation’s visual recognition, and therefore it is unlikely to change in the near future.

If the classic version used a monotonous blue and white color palette, the newer version has become more diverse in this regard. The white inscription on three multi-colored square blocks makes the logo deeper and more fascinating.

Doosan color codes

Denim Hex color: #005eb8
RGB: 0 94 184
CMYK: 100 49 0 28
Pantone: PMS 2935 C