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Drake Casino logo is standard for the entertainment industry it represents. It concentrates on the desire to win, complemented by a rigorous design. It symbolizes the business atmosphere of the online casino and shows its seriousness. The colors of the emblem are rocky, passionate, and contrasting.

Drake Casino: Brand overview

Drake Casino is an online casino established in 2012. The company has a legal status, as evidenced by a license issued on the island of Curacao. Therefore, the brand conducts its activities in accordance with the legislation of this territory. The gambling platform is available to users from most countries except for about ten countries in the Middle East and Africa. About 2,000 gaming programs are available to the site’s clients, including slots, roulettes, card games, etc. All of them have a high RTP level and adequate gaming characteristics. In order to attract the attention of the target audience, dozens of cryptocurrencies have been added that can be used as payment methods. This fact is extremely important for gamblers who prefer to remain anonymous when performing financial transactions. In order to further interest the target audience, the company tries to cooperate only with trusted providers that provide high-quality gaming programs.

Meaning and History

Drake Casino Symbol

Visual recognition of the brand is at a high level due to the increased demand for gambling projects in recent years. This is because betting on slots can be done around the clock, unlike sports betting. If we talk about the logo, then only one option was presented to the target audience of the online casino. However, depending on the placement site, it can be presented in several colors. For example, in addition to the official website, Drake Casino has a mobile application developed for Android and iOS operating systems. In addition, various tournaments are often held on the company’s website, allowing gamblers to earn thousands of dollars in profits.

If we talk about the logo in more detail, it can be noted that it fully meets the expectations of potential newcomers. The fact is that even if you don’t see the word “casino” in the image, you immediately understand that the platform is connected specifically with gambling. It consists of a word inscription, as well as an emblem located on the left. The background color is usually black.

What is Drake Casino?

This is the largest gambling platform with access to payment in Bitcoin. The company has many bonus offers, adequate wagering conditions, and a support service that provides all the necessary online advice.

Speaking about the emblem, it should be noted that visually it looks like a pike (one of the cards’ suits). However, upon further study, it becomes clear that it combines stylized emblems of all stripes. Interestingly, in some variations, the logo and company name are made in a three-dimensional style, thanks to the presence of shadows.

In turn, the verbal inscription is made in two lines. On the top is the word “Drake.” It is in white capital letters. The classic bold sans-serif with elongated letters looks modern and confident. In turn, the word “casino,” located below, is much smaller in size. Lowercase letters were used for it, and the color was changed to red. Unlike the first line, there is a significant space between the letters, but even in this case, the second line is inferior in length to the main one.

Font and Colors

Drake Casino Emblem

The Drake Casino brand name used a classic bold sans-serif for the first line and a simpler and more relaxed style for the word “casino.” The verbal inscription is easy to read on any surface; therefore, a potential beginner of the gambling platform will easily find it among hundreds of similar options.

The most popular colors for this company are white-red-black and white-red-blue. If the first option looks more strict and aggressive, then the second, on the contrary, is dominated by bright colors that evoke positive emotions and a desire to try your hand at betting on slots from online casinos.

Drake Casino color codes

Jasper RedHex color:#df3f47
RGB:223 63 71
CMYK:0 72 68 13
Pantone:PMS Red 032 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C