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Drexel Dragons Logo

Drexel Dragons Logo
Drexel Dragons Logo PNG

The sports department of Drexel Dragons includes eighteen teams: nine women and as many men. They represent the private Drexel University, whose main building is located in Philadelphia. This is one of four schools in the NCAA Division I, which refused to finance baseball and volleyball.

Other sports teams successfully compete in intercollegiate competitions and participate in the Colonial Athletic Association. The sports department is called Dragons after a school mascot, a dragon named Mario V. Mascioli. Before that, he wore other nicknames: Drexelites, Engineers, and Blue & Gold.

Meaning and History

Drexel Dragons Logo History
Evolution of the Drexel Dragons Logo

The emblem of 1985-2001 depicts a Chinese dragon, known in eastern culture as moon snakes – a yellow dragon silhouette coils inside a blue square. There is also the inscription โ€œDrexel,โ€ made in the standard Serif font. Under the geometric figure on a white background is the second word: โ€œUniversity.โ€ Sans serif letters look stern and presentable.

In 2002, designers depicted on the logo of another dragon โ€“ this time winged and fire-breathing. A mythological creature breaks out at the top of the Drexel Dragons sign and releases a bright red flame from its mouth. Artists worked on the style, paying attention to detailing the picture. The font is also original: the letters have not only serifs but also triangular spikes on the left side. Colors correspond to the official blue-gold palette of the university.

1985 – 2001

Drexel Dragons Logo 1985-2001

2002 – present

Drexel Dragons Logo 2002-Present

Drexel Dragons Basketball

Drexel Dragons emblem

The first basketball team of Drexel University debuted in 1895. It was a promising start: the score was 26: 1 in favor of Drexel. In the future, basketball players have won more than once. In the season 2018-2019, they even set a record for the ratio of victories and defeats, which no one was able to surpass. The womenโ€™s team also won prizes in tournaments. In 2013, she received the WNIT champion title.

Drexel Dragons Field hockey

Drexel Dragons symbol

The school is funding a field hockey program. In 2012, his team showed itself well in the Colonial Athletic Association, beating the opponent with a 2: 1. No less successful was 2009, when the womenโ€™s team first won the NCAA tournament competition.