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Brand cars came from the future. The DS logo is an example of a stylish and futuristic design. The emblem shows the ease of construction and control, requiring minimal driver intervention.

DS: Brand overview


DS Automobiles is a French car brand that produces premium cars. Citroen formed it and from 2009 to 2014 was its subsidiary. Then the firm gained legal independence and became a separate brand. From 2025, she plans to manufacture hybrid and electric vehicles. Its headquarters are now located in Rueil-Malmaison.

The founder of the company is Groupe PSA, which included Citroen, Peugeot, and Talbot. None of them had the status of a luxury car brand. Therefore, it was decided to experiment with prices and brands, as Volkswagen (created Audi) and Chevrolet (founded Buick) did. The project began in 1976, but the manufacturers lacked the technical capabilities to justify the higher cost of the car.

This continued until Citroen launched the DS series, promoting one of its older models (1955-1975), designed by Andre Lefebvre and Flaminio Bertoni. The lineup started in 2010 with a Citroen DS3 model based on the C3 Pluriel and DS Inside concept lines. Top Gear praised the novelty, and JD Power magazine called it a supermini four times.

In 2013, the subcompact became the best-selling car in its class and held 40 percent of the European premium segment. So the DS series became widely known, although the company continued to produce similar cars on the same base, simply improving it. As a result, the updated concepts DS4 (in 2010) and DS5 (in 2011) appeared. They were based on the previous lines of Hypnos (2008) and C-SportLounge (2005).

Meaning and History

DS Logo History

The abbreviation DS is old, and there are several stories of its origin. According to the first, the brand name is an abbreviation for “Different Spirit.” According to the second, these are the first letters from the phrase “Distinctive Series.” The third assumption is more romantic and says that such an abbreviation in French means the word “goddess.” And it is pronounced that way – “DS,” from the term “deesse.” In any case, this shape was the basis for the logo, which has hardly changed over the years.

What is DS?

DS is the name of an automotive brand, which is believed to be derived from the phrases “Different Spirit” or “Distinctive Series.” DS Automobiles was introduced in 2009 but became independent only in 2014. It is owned by the French company Citroën and was founded to revive the futuristic design of the Citroën DS model.

1955 – 1975

Citroën DS Logo 1955

At first, the famous chrome triangles on the DS logo were double arrows. She was at the junction of the first and second parts of the car company name, pointing up. It was a symbol of growth, progress, development, and movement. The thin, angled lines resembled birds soaring into the air and the classic herringbone tire track. The word “Citroen” was bold, with capital letters and a diacritic above the “E,” while the abbreviation “DS” was subtle and elegant.

2009 – 2014

DS Logo 2009-2014

When Citroen opened its division, it immediately provided it with a personal logo. The badge was placed on the back seat and did not reflect the parent company’s identity – it was completely different. Essentially, graphics and text have been combined because the two silvery shapes are abbreviated for “DS.” The designers made the first letter in a triangle or an arrow pointing to the right. They presented the second symbol in the form of a zigzag, in which the outlines of “S” are guessed. It is elongated vertically, and its top looks like a mirror image of “D.” All elements are silvery, have reflections and shadows; therefore, they are perceived as three-dimensional.

2014 – 2019

DS Automobiles Logo 2014-2019

After the brand was separated from the parent company and became independent, he did not change the logo. The only innovation is the appearance of the “DS Automobiles” lettering. The font is thin, in the upper case, with a balanced outline and wide letter spacing. The graphic part has remained the same – two pointers directed at each other, which symbolize the letters “D” and “S.”

2019 – today

DS Automobiles Logo 2019-present

Changes have been made to the label but not to the icon. Now, instead of thin letters, bold, elongated ones are used. They are grouped more tightly than before, so they look serious and imposing.

DS: Interesting Facts

DS Automobiles, a French luxury car brand from the PSA Group (now under Stellantis), is known for its luxury, cutting-edge technology, and unique design. It started as a part of Citroën but became its brand in 2014.

  1. Historical Name: “DS” refers to the Citroën DS from 1955, known for its ahead-of-its-time design and tech, like the hydropneumatic suspension. “DS” sounds like “déesse” in French, which means goddess, showing off the car’s groundbreaking elegance.
  2. Becoming a Brand: In 2014, PSA Group launched DS as its luxury brand to compete with other high-end European cars.
  3. First Model: In 2015, the DS 5 was the first car to sport the DS brand alone, moving away from the Citroën label.
  4. Design and Luxury: DS focuses on high-end design and luxury. Its cars’ interiors are known for their fine materials and customization and are inspired by Parisian fashion.
  5. Tech Innovation: Continuing the innovative spirit of the original Citroën DS, DS Automobiles includes cutting-edge technology in its cars, like advanced connectivity, hybrid and electric engines, and safety features.
  6. Electrification Plan: DS aims to sell only electric or hybrid cars by 2025, starting with models like the DS 7 Crossback E-Tense and the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense.
  7. Formula E Racing: DS competes in Formula E, showcasing its dedication to electric mobility and using the racing series to advance its electric vehicle tech.
  8. Performance Line: DS also offers Performance Line versions of its cars, which offer sportier looks and a more dynamic drive while maintaining luxury.
  9. Going Global: Originally from France, DS is expanding worldwide, entering markets in Asia, South America, and the Middle East.
  10. Awards: DS cars, like the DS 7 Crossback, have won awards for design, technology, and performance across Europe.

DS Automobiles blends French innovation and luxury, focusing on electric and tech-forward cars to redefine modern luxury in cars.

Font and Colors

DS Emblem


It has always been the same – the abbreviation “DS” is stylized as metal. The latest redesign is related to the merger of PSA and FCA, which will form the Stellantis group.

Until 2019, the brand name on the emblem was done with a typeface resembling Rival Sans Regular or Arkit Regular. These are thin sans serif fonts. After 2019, a different writing style was approved, as close as possible to Althawra Fikra Bold or Config Condensed Medium with minor changes.

DS Symbol

The corporate palette consists mostly of shades of gray, which makes the logo look three-dimensional. It uses silver, cold white, graphite, chrome, ash, and other colors.

DS color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C