DSD Logo


The DSD logo represents a company that operates at the intersection of technologies, using existing ones and continually discovering new ones. The emblem embodies implementing innovative ideas and the world of automotive engineering.

DSD: Brand overview

DSD was born in 2017. Given its youthfulness, its journey witnessed several pivotal events. In the year of the company’s inception, its visionary founders, who probably had a wealth of experience in the automotive industry, envisioned DSD as a center for pioneering automotive inventions and solutions.

DSD focused on conceptualizing and bringing its cutting-edge automotive solutions to life in its initial formative stage. During this phase, the company had to hire skilled professionals and establish its identity in the competitive automotive industry.

By 2018 or 2019, DSD introduced its debut products or services to the market, marking its first real offering. This launch was undoubtedly an important indicator of the company’s progress.

In the following half-decade, it can be assumed that DSD went through an organic growth phase. During this period, the number of employees increased, the range of customers expanded, the product range was enriched, and it was possible to expand production capacity. In addition, strategic collaborations and alliances may have emerged along the way.

By 2023, despite its short history, DSD seems to have already carved out a niche for itself in the Spanish automotive sector. Presumably, the company’s trajectory will continue, steadily pursuing innovation and market expansion.

Meaning and History

DSD Logo History

2017 – 2018

DSD Logo 2017

Though young, the company DSD has changed its logo several times. The first logo symbolized harmony, combining functionality, beauty, and top technical features. This approach allowed the company to create cars that can be called the vehicles of the future. The logo consists of three triangular elements connected to one figure, reflecting the pursuit of optimal balance and creating the best solutions in the market.

The gray logo symbolizes metal, strength, and reliability, highlighting DSD products’ high quality and durability. The triangular elements show the company’s drive for innovation and determination to achieve high car standards and reliability.

2018 – today

DSD Logo

The logo introduced in 2018 represents the DSD Golem, a hybrid supercar from the Spanish company DSD Design and Motorsport. This emblem features abstract geometric shapes, which initially might seem to depict two “D” letters. In reality, these shapes cleverly combine the letters “D” and “G,” creating a unique and memorable logo. The designers followed an existing tradition by maintaining a gray color scheme, yet they added a twist by using two shades of gray: dark and light.

The dual shades of gray add depth and visual complexity to the emblem, mirroring the intricate design and advanced technology of the DSD Golem. Choice of color and design underscores the brand’s commitment to luxury and sophistication, hallmarks of high-performance vehicles. The abstract combination of “D” and “G” sets the DSD Golem apart while ensuring a visual connection to DSD Design and Motorsport’s established brand identity.

The dark gray elements of the logo exude a sense of strength and reliability, while the lighter gray components add a sleek, modern touch. This balance of shades creates a dynamic visual effect, suggesting movement and innovation, qualities essential to the brand’s image and the performance of the DSD Golem. The logo’s clean lines and geometric precision reflect the supercar’s engineering excellence and cutting-edge design.