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We generate energy, says the Duke Energy logo. The emblem betrays the importance of the company’s work for people’s lives. Hidden in the symbols is a hint of modern technology and a responsible approach to fulfilling one’s mission.

Duke Energy: Brand overview

Founded: 1904
Founder: James Buchanan Duke, Benjamin Newton Duke
Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.
Website: duke-energy.com
Duke Energy is a US-based electricity holding company that owns its generation and energy distribution sources to consumers. It covers an area of ​​270,000 sq. km, along which 402,700 km of lines pass. The total number of subscribers served is about 7.2 million people. The company has been operating since 1904, being founded by two members of the Duke family – James Buchanan and Benjamin Newton. Today the enterprise owns several subsidiaries and produces energy from oil, gas, coal, wind, and it also generates it at a nuclear power plant. The head office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Meaning and History

Duke Energy Logo History

The holding began at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries when Dr. Walker Gill Wylie and his brother invested in a hydropower project on the Catawba River in India Hook Shoals. Needing additional funds to implement his grand vision, he convinced James B. Duke and his partner James Blaney to invest in a dedicated Southern Power Company.

In 1917, another structure appeared – the Catawba Power Company. It was later established to combine several utilities owned by Duke, Blaney, and their associates. In 1924, the organization was renamed, Duke Power. The enlarged company merged several subsidiaries: Western Carolina Power Company, Great Falls Power Company, Catawba Power Company, and Southern Power Company. They are the true founders of the holding. In addition to them, there was another company, Southern Public Utilities, which was engaged in retail electricity supply. Many other mergers and acquisitions followed, influencing the logo.

However, the company did not immediately acquire its permanent emblem. It appeared much later – in the late fall of 1996 when Duke Power announced plans to merge with the PanEnergy Corporation from Houston, Texas. So Duke Energy was launched, taking one word from each name. And it was then that he presented his first logo – temporary, for a transitional period. And there are four of them in total.

What is Duke Energy?

Duke Energy is an American holding company that unifies several energy companies. They own gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, and solar power plants. Electricity is distributed to more than 7 million customers across several US states. The holding company has achieved its success over more than 100 years, as it was founded in 1904 as a small company serving residents of North Carolina.

1996 – 1997

Duke Power Logo 1996-1997

The debut logo uses only one element – the name of the holding. It is played with different colors. Simultaneously, the authors connected the parts, ungrouping them with a barely noticeable gap. They deliberately placed the letters closely so that even the minimum distance from one word to another seemed more distinct. The first half of the inscription is red; the second is black. The white background also shows dark shadows from the left to the right, making the emblem three-dimensional.

1997 – 2006

Duke Power Logo 1997-2006

Despite the merger and rebranding of the two energy giants, the former name continued to exist independently. Duke Power was the name of the subsidiary Duke Energy until it merged with Cinergy in 2006. The logo features a capital “D” painted solid red with a curved white stripe. To the right of it, there are three rows of inscriptions: at the top – “Duke,” in the center – “Power,” at the bottom – “A Duke Energy Company.” The last phrase indicates the affiliation of the organization. The first two words are in bold. The phrase is written in a small typeface with thin letters.

1997 – 2013

Duke Energy Logo 1997-2013

The parent holding received the same logo as the subsidiary, only without specifying the affiliation and with the second part of the name changed. The inscriptions are wide, with a slight slope to the right. They are in lower case, except for the first letters.

2013 – today

Duke Energy Logo 2013-present

After the merger with Progress Energy in 2012, it was immediately announced about the upcoming redesign. As a result, a new emblem appeared in March of the following year. It is radically different from all that existed and consists of a stylized letter “E” surrounded by a two-color stripe. The graphic sign expresses the word “Energy” and the chain’s links – an allegory for the relationship of all types of energy. The lines are arched and open. To the right of the icon is the Duke Energy company’s name, grouped in two rows. The designers changed the inscriptions’ style, using a sleek, thin and elongated font in uppercase.

Font and Colors

Duke Power Emblem

In its first year of operation, the company chose a temporary emblem that consisted only of a red and black name. In the course of subsequent modifications, the developers added a graphic character in the form of a capital letter “D” to the text. Then they replaced it with another symbol – in the form of an oval and a semi-oval, linked together. The designers also corrected the color palette, using calm tones of a different color scheme instead of red and black.

The authors chose a typeface for the debut logo that most closely resembles Rude Black Italic – with wide and smooth sans serif symbols. In the second version, they used a font close to Foundation Sans Black Italic from FontSite Inc., and in the current emblem – Futura Futuris Regular. Its only difference is in the cut corners of the letter “N” (in the original, they are sharp).

Duke Power Symbol

Signature colors were originally standard in industries such as the power industry: a classic mix of red and black. In the current emblem, they are replaced with natural shades: green # 4ebf34, blue # 00507e and blue # 52c4db.

Duke Energy color codes

Kelly Green Hex color: #4ebf34
RGB: 78 191 52
CMYK: 59 0 73 25
Pantone: PMS 802 C
Medium Electric Blue Hex color: #00507e
RGB: 0 80 126
CMYK: 100 37 0 51
Pantone: PMS 7692 C
Middle Blue Hex color: #52c4db
RGB: 82 196 219
CMYK: 63 11 0 14
Pantone: PMS 3115 C