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The Dunhill logo perfectly mirrors the shape of the company’s products. It is sophisticated, stylish, refined, and versatile at the same time. Its rounded corners, broad lines, and clean lines convey an air of business and elegance.

Dunhill: Brand overview

Founded:10 March 1907
Founder:Alfred Dunhill
Westminster, London, United Kingdom

Dunhill is a British company specializing in producing and selling tobacco, and cigarettes, including electronic cigarettes, etc. Alfred Dunhill created this brand in 1907, and since then, the company has been actively developing. Dunhill cigarettes are available to customers in over 100 countries. The trademark rights belong to the world-famous British American Tobacco Corporation.

Interestingly, back in 1893, the future founder of the company, Alfred Dunhill, who at that time was only 21 years old, inherited his father’s business. He originally named his company “Dunhull’s Motorities.” The company’s first patented invention was the windshield tube. She helped the driver solve weather problems while traveling in a convertible. It was with the help of this pipe that the driver was able to smoke without any problems. Three years later, in 1907, he decided to open a full-fledged tobacco shop in London.

Meaning and History

Dunhill Logo History

Many variations were used for the Dunhill logo in the early stages. It could be both a classic and a handwritten font for a word inscription.

In general, visual recognition of the brand is now at a high level. This is due not only to the fact that millions of customers purchase the company’s products daily. Also, the current logo, which has been used for many years without significant changes, plays an important role.

What is Dunhill?

This is one of the most famous tobacco brands whose products are available to billions of people around the world.


Dunhill Logo Old

The old Dunhill logo shows a quadrangular crest with a sharp base. It contains a three-line inscription, “OPTIME SIT 1907”, where the first word is translated as “best,” the second – as “will be,” and the number indicates the year the brand was founded. The Latin phrase symbolizes the pursuit of high quality and innovation. Above the shield is a crown formed from small curly elements. It was inspired by the crown of the king of Great Britain because, in 1927, Dunhill cigarettes received a royal warrant. And to the left and right of the shield rise heraldic lions. They stand on a pattern of graceful swirling lines.

Below the logo is a long horizontal line that separates the brand name. The inscription is made in a classic bold sans-serif typeface, but the designers made some letters asymmetrical. In particular, they moved the horizontal “H” stroke slightly lower and the “N” diagonal slightly higher. The burgundy color used for glyphs and other logo elements symbolizes luxury and nobility.

1989 – 2000

Dunhill Logo 1989

The creators of the logo designed the word “dunhill” in an original way, making all the letters lowercase and black. They used an individual set of glyphs with elongated vertical lines for “d,” “h,” and both “l.” Moreover, the square dot above the “i” is also moved up to be on the same level as the highest letters. Because of this design, the inscription looks like a stylized barcode.

2000 – today

Dunhill Logo

The Dunhill logo consists solely of the brand name without any additional elements. Consequently, the person who has never bought the company’s products will not immediately be able to associate the name with a cigarette brand.

The logo is based on a unique, bold sans-serif font. All letters in the word inscription are lowercase, but they have a unique feature. In some characters, the vertical line is much longer. This effect is observed in the letters d, h, and the last l. An additional inscription “LONDON” is sometimes used, located under the company’s name.

In addition, an emblem is occasionally used that visually resembles a medieval coat of arms. This is a direct reference to Dunhill’s collaboration with George VI and supplied him with such in the 1930s. As a result, the organization received a royal warrant as one of the tobacco suppliers for the Prince of Wales, Edward. It was issued to Dunhill in 1921.

Font and Colors

Dunhill Symbol

The unusual and unique bold sans-serif type immediately grabs the target audience’s attention. Visually, it resembles Helvetica Bold, but it has several features. The vertical lines in some symbols deserve special attention. They look mysterious but at the same time modern and progressive. The main competitors do not use this approach in the market, and therefore Dunhill has the opportunity to stand out and attract buyers to their products.

The basis of the logo is a black and white color palette. Strict and restrained tones were not chosen by chance. They allow potential buyers not to be distracted from the product but simultaneously increase their interest in purchasing tobacco, cigarettes, etc.

Dunhill color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C