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The German interior design company has a very conceptual logo. It is stylish, unusual, and unique because the logo Duravit has no duplicates – it is unique. And the clear lines, smooth strokes, and sharp transitions of levels make it so. The designers perfectly balanced the elements to reflect the striking personality of the brand.

Duravit: Brand overview

Hornberg, Germany

Duravit is one of the leading German companies in the field of ceramics and interior design. It has been operating on the market for more than 200 years, and during this period, it has been able to expand its specialization significantly. Today, Duravit develops and manufactures sanitary ceramics, bathroom accessories, furniture, and various shower enclosures. The headquarters is located in Germany (Hornberg).

You can recognize the company’s products with a stylish corporate logo that reflects its main advantages. It is a beautiful, memorable inscription, complemented by an unusual figure. The elements symbolize progressiveness, the desire for sustainability, and confidence. This is also confirmed at the color level. It is based on blue and white colors, demonstrating professionalism and high quality.

Meaning and History

Duravit Logo History

Duravit is one of the best manufacturers of sanitary ware. The brand works not only in Germany. Its products are delivered to many other countries, which confirms the high level of product quality. But the company does not stop there. New technologies are constantly introduced into production, furniture is tested, and employees look for the most reliable materials to manufacture goods. The visual identity fully reflects the desire for development and improvement.

The emblem depicts the name of the brand, as well as an unusual figure resembling a rocket. Such an icon symbolizes the desire to go up, gain new positions in the market, and achieve new achievements in their field. An additional element that symbolizes progressiveness is a stylish font. It is characterized by straight thin lines and the special shape of letters A and V. They have elongated tails, making the concept more modern and expressive.

What is Duravit?

Duravit is a world-famous bathroom brand. He became famous for the excellent characteristics of the goods, as well as their special style. Many outstanding designers worked on the presented models. These are Phoenix Design, Philippe Starck, Matteo Thun, Frank Huster, and others. They have created stylish designs for many products (including whirlpool systems, bathroom furniture, shower trays, accessories, wellness systems, and shower toilets).

The first production of Duravit appeared in 1817. At that time, the main specialization of the brand was the manufacture of toilet bowls and sinks. The products have gained quite a lot of popularity due to excellent performance in the process of operation. The success inspired the company to expand the range, and soon their catalog was replenished with models of furniture and accessories for bathroom and shower cabins. Despite internal changes, the visual identity of the brand has remained unchanged.

Duravit Symbol

From the moment of its foundation to the present day, Duravit has been producing products under one logo. It consists of several components that perfectly highlight the core principles and values. The perfectly matched color scheme reflects reliability and professionalism, the graphic element in different interpretations means progressiveness and high quality, and the stylish typeface emphasizes the desire for innovation. One of the logo’s main features is an ambiguous figure that complements the name.

It does not have a clear definition, so that it can be interpreted in different ways. The first option provides for a bird symbol, which means the excellent quality of goods. In addition, the graphic symbol looks like a rocket directed upwards. In this case, the desire for product improvement and the successful achievement of goals are emphasized. Stylish neutral colors complement the overall concept. The selected color scheme is ideal for Duravit’s field of activity and symbolizes reliability, professionalism, and trust.

Font and Colors

Duravit Emblem

The Duravit logo is an original combination of a subtle, expressive typeface and light, unobtrusive shades. A clean Futura Pro Heavy style font was used to create the central element denoting the company name. Almost all word signs have the characteristic features of this format. The exceptions are two letters – V and A. They stand out against the general background due to their unusual execution.

Both symbols have elongated tails and pointed tops. This design resembles a font from the KAPITAL family. Combining the two formats makes the emblem especially elegant and sophisticated and adds expressiveness. The original font is complemented by a beautiful color palette that includes blue and white. The selected shades harmonize with each other and evoke trust, integrity, and security associations.

Duravit color codes

Cobalt BlueHex color:#1d4c9b
RGB:29 76 155
CMYK:81 51 0 39
Pantone:PMS 7687 C