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Edfor Grand Sport: Brand overview

In the second half of the 1930s, in the bustling city of Porto, Portugal, Eduardo Ferreirinha, a car enthusiast and racer, had the idea for the Edfor Grand Sport automobile. Drawing heavily on Ford’s mechanical architecture, he created this unique prototype with passion and precision.

A total of four Edfor Grand Sport examples were produced, one of which caught the eye of movie director Manoel de Oliveira. Throughout the 1930s, the Edfor Grand Sport competed in various Portuguese races, showcasing Ferreirinha’s innovative modifications, including a modernized chassis and adapted engine components.

Over the years, however, the greatness of the Edfor Grand Sport gradually faded, and by the end of the 20th century, only two of its original models survived the ravages of time. In the following decades, as nostalgia and interest in Portugal’s racing heritage began to gain momentum, enthusiasts decided to breathe life into the remaining duo.

These days, these two revived Edfor Grand Sports don’t just stand in a museum; they burn rubber on historic race tracks. Their presence is a tribute to Portugal when it was just beginning to embrace automotive innovation, and it was a time before automotive giants dominated the scene.

Meaning and History

Edfor Grand Sport Logo History

1937 – 1939

Edfor Grand Sport Logo

Although Edfor Grand Sport cars have not been produced since the 1930s, two of them still exist and even participate in exhibitions. Therefore, the brand’s emblem remains widely recognizable. It contains the word “Edfor” written in a creative purple font. The final letters resemble brackets: the first “E” is the opening, and the last “p” is the closing. The round part of the “d” is slightly offset upward and directly opposite the “o,” and the “f” is slightly down. At the very bottom is the country of origin of the brand – “PORTUGAL.” The base of the logo is a large yellow oval with a modified shape.

The creative font and the choice of purple color are designed to convey uniqueness and a touch of luxury, reminding of the vintage origin of the car. The bracket-like letters symbolize inclusiveness and fullness of feeling, which fits well with the rarity and historical significance of Edfor Grand Sport cars. The slightly offset “d” and “f” letters give the design an asymmetrical balance, making it more dynamic and attractive. The yellow oval contrasts brightly with the purple text, increasing the visibility and memorability of the logo.